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Big John's Domino


Big John;s Domino

Big John's Domino

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Named as Floyd's Domino, later changed to Big John's Domino #16388
Sire: Double Six Domino F-2646
Dam: Snips F
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Foaled April 15, 1961 ~ Died January 24, 1988
Bred by OE Floyd Jr, Brownfield, Texas
Sired 8 registered foals

A Little More Info and Photos

"I'm actually in tears just to have the opportunity to share a story and pictures of him. I miss him so much and wish I could go back in years to have him in my life again. John never ever did one thing wrong in his life. I love him so much. We actually named our farm after him. It was Domino's Valley."

"My husband actually was at Allmosta Ranch and after seeing John, he took me to see him. That's all it took, just to see and meet him and he became the love of my life."

"It wasn't until years later that I found out he was listed for sale in the Appaloosa News," (August 1970 page 75, September 1970 page 3.) "Sure glad no one else spotted him before we did."
~ Elinore

Big JOhn Big John
Big John

John and Elinore at Island Beach State Park, N. J. "We used to go to the beach as often as we could."

Big John

"My favorite trophy from him."


The official list from the ApHC. ~ Thanks to Tracy Meisenbach. [2016]

Pedigree of Big John's Domino

Pedigree information from

Handsel 1895
Dr Howard JC 1918
Grace Navarre 1909
Mansfield's Comanche F-3096
Cortez (Appaloosa)
Juanita M T221279
Senorita (Appaloosa)
Double Six Domino F-2646
Dr Howard JC 1918
Mansfield's Comanche F-3096
Junaita M T221279

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