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[T&J] Cherokee Sundance


Cherokee Sundance

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
[T&J] Cherokee Sundance #159827, Australia A-55
Sire: Sunspot Revel F-1904
Dam: Miss Twinky ID 6249
March 14, 1971 at Elizabeth, Colorado at the Rocky Cliff Ranch - June 30, 2001
Bred by Ralph Cannon, Spruce Pine, NC
Owned by the following:
Mr.Thomas Harris of San Bruno, California,
John Burn, Clunes, Victoria, Australia 1973;
Mr E Selmann Camden N.S.W., Australia May 1980;
D Murray, Via Urunga, N.S.W., Australia December 1980,
Jennifer Kirkman, Uralla, N.S.W., Australia March 1985
(pedigree at bottom of page)

Jenny Kirkman, his last owner wrote:
Cherokee Sundance was shown in California, he came in 6th for High Point Halter Yearling in the State of California. He arrived in Australia when he was two and a half years old, the owner on his papers was John Burn, Sheridan Ranch, Clunes, State of Victoria Australia. Cherokee attended his first show 10 days after arriving in Australia and won his class. He was shown at the Sydney Nationals 1974 as a 3 year old. [Per the Sundance Newlsetter, August 1974, Cherokee was 4th in Open Western Pleasure with 16 entries. Cherokee was 2nd in Open Western Riding with 11 entries. And the Appaloosa Queen Contest was won by Miss Karen Watters riding Cherokee Sundance. In the February 1975 issue of the Sundance Newsletter there is a short article on the Sheridan Ranch, John Burn and his stallion Cherokee Sundance.] In 1976 he was shown at the 4th Nationals in Shepparton, Victoria. He then was sold 1.5.1980 onto Mr. E. Selmann, Hume Highway, Camden, New South Wales. Then sold again on the 15.12.1980 to D. Murray, lot 1 Martells road, via Urunga, New South Wales. Then I purchased him on the 2.3.1985 Jennifer Kirkman, 63 bridge street, Uralla New South Wales, and this is the story:

Cherokee Sundance as a young fella and as an old fella.


I went to an auction to buy some set of jumps for my daughter so she could practise for the pony club. I only had a couple of xbred horses and when I got to the auction I saw the Appaloosa horses were being sold off as well. I had my eye on a black mare with a lace blanket and her filly foal but we didn't have much money and missed out on her, but managed to buy a roan chestnut mare with a colt foal (later we gelded him). While all this was going on my 10 year old daughter wandered off and was patting a horse on her own near a run down old fence... cutting the story short, we missed out on the jumps while I was busy with the horse buying. I only had the double horse float with me to hopefully get the jump sets. Anyway the horse she was patting was a stallion. He was the last to auction and no one was interested in him. I didn't bid as I thought he would go for a lot of money - as he was passed in the owner had a reserve on him. The auction said anybody interested in him was to speak to the owner, so mum and I had a talk and I went to the owner to see how much he was. Mum and I bought him we thought, but as the afternoon went another person bought the stallion off the auctioner. Then there was a problem and the other buyer had the shits, so the Auctioner decided to reopen the auction on the stallion again. I wasn't sure who was supposed to bid first so I jumped in and bidded an extra $100.00, and the other person said nothing. Thank God as mum and I had no money left between us to bid anymore. So I owned him one minute and lost him the next, and got him back. I had the trouble to float 3 horses home and 1 was the stallion, Cherokee Sundance. I was so up tight if I lost him on the bid I would have put up a fight, as I did do what the auctioner said, which was to buy him off the owner in the first place when he was passed in, so he ended up being ours.

I ended up getting strangers to float the mare and foal. I brought them to their place as they had a truck, while I took the Stallion to mums place. The fellow that owned him wanted me to have him, as the banks were selling him up. I felt sorry for him and he could not do the paper work until the auction was over. We were the last people to leave with Cherokee on board the float. In the dark, we got home around midnight. We had to move our pony clubs horses out of a paddock which was behind mum's house, down one side of mum's house, and sneak the stallion that I didn't know up the other side and put him in the paddock. Then we had to float our pony club horses out 22 kms to a property I leased. It was a very late night.

I had a go at showing Cherokee. I have a High Point Crystal beer mug for showing him. I still don't know how we won it as I have never been taught to show horses and still not sure today. I always wished that someone would show me someday. I was 26 years old when I purchased my first Appaloosa: the mare Darling Sun Flame, T 3085 by Unaka Sun (IMP) A 142 and a colt foal, and Cherokee Sundance A 55. I am now 53 years old and Cherokee Sundance is buried here on my first own 100 acre property at Uralla, New South Wales, Australia. Cherokee Sundance died at the age of 30 years and just over 3 months on 30.6.2001.

Before he died I bred a colt and was keeping him as a Stallion. His name was Cherokee's Revel 58327. I only had 1 filly and 3 colts by Revel. All the colts were gelded.  I had to put him down at the age of 10 with guttrual pouch infection. I don't know how or why he got it and I still miss them both. They both had great temperaments. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about them. Lucky that I did not advertise the filly by Revel... I still have her plus a mare by Cherokee Sundance. Two of my friends have a each have a mare by Cherokee Sundance as well.  I purchased another colt Korizma Classic Statement 61686. He is over 2y/o now and I tried to get 2 mares in foal to him last spring but 1 is not in foal and so I think the other may not be either. The vet said the colt was maybe a little too young as yet, so I will try again this coming August.

Cherokee Sundance sired a mare by the name of Dream Of Cherokee, owned by or shown by Mrs.S. Beveridge. Some of her placings at the 1983 Nationals were Reserve Champion 77 & over Mare, Champion Senior Bridle Path Hack, 3rd Senior Bridle Western Riding, Reserved Champion Youth English Equestrian. Her name appeared a lot years ago in the Appaloosa Magazine back in the 80's she did very well in the shows.

I just recently sold an Appaloosa gelding, Cherokee Sundance's grandson, and they are over the moon. I could have sold him 6 times over. A lady from Victoria was going to buy him - she was a fair age still showing horses. Talking to her, I learned that Cherokee Sundance was just down the road from her place a lot of years ago. I will contact her later, she may have more info on him as well as she wants me to send her a copy of the old papers that I have but I am in the process of redrawing them up as the old papers are fading slowly.

A Little More Info and Photos

These are photos appearing in the Sundance Newlsetter February 1974.

Sundance Newsletter article, February 1975.

Photos accompanying the February 1975 article.

Cherokee Sundance

Appaloosa Queen Contest was won by Miss Karen Watters riding Cherokee Sundance at the 1974 Australian National Appaloosa Show, Sydney, Australia.

1976 Australian National Appaloosa Show, Shepparton, Victoria




Cherokee Sundance's Offspring

Cherokee's Revel's offspring:

for more information try the Australian Appaloosa Horse Association, their Studbook is on-line for anyone to view.

Offspring of Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee's Little Girl [Cherokee Sundance x Saxonvale Just So Lucky B55075]

Cherokee's Revel [Cherokee Sundance x Avalon Tuesday]

Cherokee's Pride GC 52142

Cool Hand Luke T1431

Son of Cherokee PC 50349, foaled 1984.

Mares bred to Cherokee Sundance

Darling Sun Flame, T3085, dam of Son of Cherokee. The mare was purchased at the same time as Cherokee Sundance.
Her sire is Unaka Sun (IMP) A142, also a son of Sunspot Revel. Her dam is Flaming Bay ID 171 (by a TB). Foaled 1976.

Avalon Tuesday 56716 [Saxonvale Eleazar x Cayuse Suzi Sunday], dam of Cherokee's Revel

Triple A Delta Dawn B56163 [In The Black x Merongong Deckoration], dam of 1 son and 2 daughters, and 1 granddaughter and 2 grandsons of Cherokee Sundance.

In The Black #17835 [First Secretary ApHC x Galice AQ], sire of Triple A Delta Dawn

Grandget...offspring of Cherokee's Revel

Cherokee Saxon, 2003 son of Cherokee Revel, grandson of Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee Denver Boy, 2003 son of Cherokee Revel, grandson of Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee Dawn, 2006 daughter of Cherokee Revel, granddaughter of Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee Spirit, 2009 son of Cherokee Revel, grandson of Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee Sundance's daughters and granddaughters will be bred to Jenny's new stallion, Korizma Classic Statement. Below are photos of Korizma and some of his ancestors.

Korizma Classic Statement

Korizma Classic Statement as two year old.

Korizma Mega Star, #59805, sire of Korizma Classic Statement

Miss N Kash, #58152, dam of Korizma Classic Statement

Mega Dream, great grandsire of Korizma Classic Statement, sire's side

Berrendell Doc's Perfection, #56133, grandsire of Korizma Classic Statement on dam's side. He was best two year old at the National Appaloosa Championship in Tamworth, NSW.

My thanks to Jennifer Kirkman, Uralla, New South Wales, Australia for sharing this information.
I look forward to learning about Cherokee Sundance's continuing legacy.

Pedigree of Cherokee Sundance

Texas Cherokee F-265
Revel F-773
Flicka F-200
Revel Junior F-1728
Spot F-133 (sometimes spelled Sport F-133)
Marbles F-1727
Sunspot Revel F-1904
Leopard CRHA 3-R foaled 1925
Fox CRHA 10-L foaled 1930
Rocking Chair Sundance F-587
Sundance F-500
Rocking Chair Porter F-574 foaled 1942
Patchy F-416
Patchy Junior F-1380
Leopard Lady F-167
Warren's Red Dog 17253
Cooterville Norell's Little Red F-1673
Piance Creek T-996
T Redd AQHA P-10004
Miss Twinky ID 6249
Leo AQHA P-1335
Cherry Bounce AQHA P-60384
Cherokee Maiden AQHA P-2008
Miss Bouncy AQHA 233567?
Skipper M AQHA P12997
Par's Leo Dot AQHA P-36435 (or Pat's Leo Dot? or Red Dot?)
Miss Possum AQHA P-8628

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