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Colida T-7681




Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Colida T-7681,
Sire: unspecified quarter horse
Dam: Lady Chesty
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Bred by Rhodes Ranch. Russell Marcussen bought Lady Chesty from a dealer, who bought her from another dealer, who bought her from the Rhoades brothers. Owned by Bill Cass, Welch, Oklahoma
Sired 570 registered foals
1963 Aged Stallion National Halter Champion - in a class of 83 entries.
1974 G.E.A.R. Supreme Performance Sire #3.
2 time National Get-of-Sire winner (Champion in 1967, third in 1970).
ApHC Hall of Fame 1988
He sired many National and World Champions including six Bronze Medallion winners.
He was the sire of 570 registered foals of which 42 earned
a total of 596 performance points, 24 earned 182 halter points and 22 earned Register of Merits.

A Little More Info from the extinct website of Bill Cass,
Circle Lazy C Ranch, Welch, Oklahoma.

"In 1957 a bay colt with a white blanket over his hips was born. His arrival was not a time for rejoicing. His mother was a registered Quarter Horse mare named Lady Chesty, and his father was supposedly a registered Quarter Horse stallion. A little spotted colt was not what the breeders wanted.

In January of 1960 Bill Cass purchased the bay and white stallion from Russell Marcussen. Colida was not a happy horse. He had spent time with a cutting horse trainer who completely misunderstood the young stallion. Colida been trained with a club and was head shy and mistrustful. Bill spent months regaining the stallionŐs trust and turning him into a top show horse. By 1962 the stallion was ready for the show ring.


Colida with Bill Cass

In 1963 Colida stood National Grand Champion Stallion over one of the largest halter classes in Appaloosa Horse Club history. From 1963 to 1979 Colida and his get racked up an incredible amount of Championships.

In 1966 Flyin Star and Porter C won Grand or Reserve Champion at 27 out of 29 shows. Flyin Star won the 1967 National Grand Champion Stallion honors at Walla Walla, Washington. More Championships followed: TrustyŐs Colida was a National Grand Champion at Halter and the Rope Race; ColidaŐs Buck was National Grand Champion gelding; Colida Will was World Champion Aged Stallion at Halter while racking points up in English pleasure and barrel racing; Colida Bartender was Canadian National Champion; Co-Stephanie won the National Championship in Western Pleasure over the largest class ever recorded by ApHC (227 horses); Co-Fleet was National Champion three year old Stallion and Reserve Grand Champion stallion; ColidaŐs Lad was Australian National Grand Champion at halter and performance 3 times. Colida was also the first GEAR premier sire, GEAR supreme performance sire* and Mid-Con Champion sire.

In all Colida sired 539 [570] registered foals which earned 596 ApHC performance points, 182 halter points and 15 [22] Registers of Merit. He also sired six Bronze Medallion winners. Most of this in the days when a horse had to be colored to walk in the show ring. Colida is one of the few appaloosa sires whose get knew no limit to what they could do. He sired winners in everything from racing to western pleasure, dressage to cutting, halter to polo. He was truly a unique stallion and a remarkable sire."

A few notes from Tracy Meisenbach:

Bill was something else. Never met a stranger. And one of the best horse trainers. He could do stuff with a horse that would shame all the horse whisperers. He would take Colida out with no halter. Walk him up to a mare in heat. Tease the mare and Colida would not mount the mare until Bill told him too. It was amazing. And even though he was never shown under saddle Colida was a hell of a ranch horse. Bill roped off of him and moved cattle. He'd pony colts and mares. And they are smooth movers. I mean really smooth. You don't even bobble at a trot.

Bill lived near my grandpa. His sister and my mom played basketball together in high school. He was always a part of my life.

We get asked all the time why we stick with the older interim bloodlines (interim Appaloosas are post F designation and pre CPO1983 when the books were closed to all but TB, QH and Arab crossing). There is a big reason. Because those bloodlines thrust this breed into the public eye and created the most versatile, hardworking, and memorable horses ever seen in the breed.[Yes!] Horses were colored, expected to compete in multiple event and didn't carry the genetic issues found in so many lines today. Our primary line is Colida, we have the largest herd of Colida bred horses still in existence. Colida sired all the way across the board: halter, racing, cutting, reining, jumping, saddleseat, hunt seat, western pleasure**, speed events, roping, driving. Anything you can show a horse in has been won by a Colida horse.

* Supreme Performance Sire No. 3: an honor won by having a minimum of five foals that have earned either a GEAR championship or certificate of versatility.
** the largest western pleasure class in the history of the breed was won by Co-Stephanie, who beat 227 horses to win National Champion.

colida7681 colida7681a colida5 colidafmaphc

"Colida" Ads
mainly from the Appaloosa News


Appaloosa News January 1967 page 76
Fee $200


Appaloosa News January 1968 (139):
"Our horses at the Circle Lazy C Ranch have shown more consistently than any other Appaloosa horses in the entire US."
Fee $300

Appaloosa News April 1968 (IFC):
"Broke all records at the 20th National Appaloosa Show"

Colida is the only Appaloosa stallion alive or dead to become a National Grand Champion and to sire a National Grand Champion Stallion, "Flying Star" and also win the Get of Sire Class.

The first show that we took Colida to was the Tulsa State Fair in 1962. He was Grand Champion Stallion over two past National Grand Champions, Vanguard and Navajo Britches and his sire, Whistle Britches.

Colida was shown in five states, winning the National Grand Champion at Boise, Idaho. The National Judge said: "Colida was the most animated horse that he had ever seen regardless of the Breed." Colida has the movement of a cat. Colida's last show was the Tulsa State Fair in 1963 he was Grand Champion and Wapiti Jr was Reserve Champion. Colida was then retired from the show ring. He was the most consistent winning stallion of all times. He is transmitting these characteristics through his offspring. He is the sire of a National Champion and Get of Sire class, Five State Regional Champion and State Champions at Halter, Performance and Racing. A proven sire and Colida was only 10 years old.

Appaloosa News May 1968 (IFC) :
"Winners Circle - a good place to be"

A National and State Champion and sire of Flying Star, the 1967 National Champion, also the sire of the First Place Get of Sire class at the 1967 National Show. A RECORD. No other stallion has ever accomplished this feat.

Colida's record for the Ten Point approved shows of Oklahoma for 1963. These are the first and second [place stallions through the first seven stallions. They are tabulated with 1st place 5 points, 2nd place 4 points, etc. (Possible 50 points)

Colida is the sire of State Champions at Halter, Performance and Racing. Colida has sired the Grand CHampion Halter and Reserve Champion at Halter andGrand CHampion Performance Horse of Kansas. They were also Champion 3 year old and Champion Aged Stallion and Reserve Champion Performance of Oklahoma, all in one show season.

Appaloosa News April 1969 (IBC) :
"Winners Circle - a good place to be"
Fee: $350

In the first decade of the National Appaloosa Shows there were less than 200 entries per show. The second decade there were two shows that exceeded 600 entries. The 16th National with 614 entries - Colida winning National Grand Champion. The 20th National with 687 entries - Flying Star, his son, winning National Grand Champion. At the start of the 3rd decade at the 21st National Show there were 747 entries. Circle Lazy C Ranch has won 2 of the 3 largest National shows. Both Colida and Flying Star were retired from the show ring after winning the National.

The Grand Champion Mare of the 1969 Dixie National Appaloosa Show at Jackson, Mississippi, was Co Lady. This was a very impressive win, as the 1969 National Western Grand Champion, Denver, Colorado and the 1967 National Grand Champion mare were competing for Grand Champion. Colida is siring consistently winning Halter and Performance horses of today.

In the March (1969??) issue of Appaloosa News we listed 26 wins all on the same day in three different states. Where is there a record equaled by an 11 year old stud to have already sired numerous Regional, State and National champions?

Appaloosa News January 1970 (99):
"No Brag - Just Fact"
Fee $500

Nowhere is there a living sire that has accomplished what Colida has in the show ring and then transmit it on to his offspring, producing his equal in today's competition.


Appaloosa News October 1970 (IFC)
Production sale


National Appaloosa Show Program, Huron, South Dakota 1970


Appaloosa News November 1971 (88)
Production sale

Appaloosa News September 1972 (61):
"Colida -- A National Grand Champion and a National Grand Champion Sire"

No other stallion, living or dea, has accomplished the record of Colida!

Colida has sired 36 different regional champions that have won over 100 End of the Year awards at halter, performance and racing.

Congratulations to George and Martha Hood of Welch, Oklahoma, for the wonderful job they have done showing Trusty's Colida. He was shown successfully at some of the larger shows in the United States. Plus, hew won 10 regional championships in three states.

We would also like to thank the many other Colida owners who are doing a wonderful job of showing their horses. Twelve Colida bred horses placed in the Top Six at the 25th National.

Appaloosa News January 1973 (100):

No other stallion, living or dead, has accomplished the record of Colida! He was the Oklahoma State Champion Aged Stallion and High Point Stallion over all ages in 1963. Colida was the 1963 National Grand Champion at Boise, Idaho.

He has sired: Flying Star, the 1967 National Grand Champion at Walla Walla, Washington; Colida's Buck, a 1967 National Champion three year old gelding; Co Fleet, a National Champion 3 year old stallion and Reserve National Champion; Trusty's Colida, the 1972 National Grand Champion.

Colida won the National Get of Sire Class in 1967 and again in 1972. Colida has sired 40 different horses that are regional champions. They have won over 100 end of the year awards at halter, performance and racing.

One of the most recent regional champions sired by Colida is Colida's Image, a regional grand champion of two different Appaloosa clubs as a three year old. Colida's sons and daughters are producing regional champions. Patsy Leta is a line bred granddaughter of Colida and the grand champion mare of Michigan. Mighty Trim, a 3 year old, is a grand champion of three clubs and is sired by Co Trim. A 2 year old son of Colida, owned by George Zimmerman of Pennsylvania, is well on his way to becoming a top horse in the nation. He won the Junior Western Pleasure Futurity at the Ohio Opportunity '72. A filly sired by Colida also placed fourth.

Appaloosa News November 1973 (110):
"Colida. 1963 National Grand Champion"

Colida has attained a record that no other Appaloosa stallion, living or dead, has achieved. He is the only Appaloosa stallion to be a national grand champion and sire of five national champions.Colida has sired 50 different horses that are regional champions plus many others that have won at halter, performance and racing.

We would like to thank the following people for breeding their mares to Colida in 1973 and to wish them the very best with their foals. Mares from 16 states and Canada came to the court of Colida this year. [42 names follow]

Appaloosa News December 1973 (108):
"Colida. A Proven Sire!"
Fee: $650 after March 1, 1974

Colida, a national grand champion, has sired five national champions, of which two were national grand champions, one reserve champion and two that have won their class, plus many others that have placed in the Top Six. Colida has qualified for the title of GEAR Premier Sire No. 13 [was stated No 3 elsewhere...], has sired three GEAR champions, 10 hores that have won 20 certificates of achievement and Copino, who ahs won his Certificate of Versatility No. 27 by winning five certificates of achievement in different events.

Colida's most recent winners were: Spur's Co Quette, Grand Champion Performance Horse at the Virginia State Fair, owned and shown by Mr and Mrs Alan Amos and family of Salem, Virginia. Garryowen Folly, a three year old gelding, also owned and shown by the Alan Amos family was 1st at Halter, 1st in Western Pleasure and 1st in Western Horsemanship. The Reserve High Point Performance horse was Co Fleet shown by Al Bridges.

For the Ontario Canada Appaloosa Horse Club a Colida gelding, Traveling Shoes, owned and shown by Renny Blocker won the following end of the year high point awards: 1st English Pleasure, 1st Junior Western Pleasure, 1st Trail, 1st Halter 3 year olds and under. Co Pete McCue, owned by Archie McArthur and ridden by Craig Black, won the open reining at the Ontario Appaloosa Horse Association Breeders Futurity.

Appaloosa News January 1974 (146):
"A World Record"
55 Reasons your mare should be bred to Colida for 1974

Appaloosa News July 1974 (92):
"Colida. 1963 National Grand Champion, A World Record!"
Fee: $1000 for 1975 breeding season

Appaloosa News November 1974 (26):
"Colida. 1963 National Grand Champion, and A World Record Sire!"
Fee: $1000

Colida sired 9 National Champions, 2 National Grand Champions, 2 National Reserve Champions, winner of 2 National Get of Sire Classes, sire of 65 different horses that are state or regional champions, GEAR Premier Sire No 13, GEAR Supreme Performance Sire No 3.

Placings of Colida's sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters at the 27th National - the largest breed show ever held. Where is the Sire other than Colida that can produce 18 wins in the top 6 in today's competition?

Appaloosa News April 1975 (58):
"Colida. 1963 National Grand Champion, and A World Record Sire"
Fee: $1000

anjun76p74 anjun76p75

Appaloosa News June 1976 (75-76)

Offspring 1960-1983

The following list (all 571) compiled by Tracy.

Any additonal photos would be most appreciated!


1. "Appaloosa Bloodlines: Colida's offspring add up to sum-thing extraordinary" Appaloosa Journal February 1998
located on the Intertubes at the Barnlot.
2. Appaloosa World November 1981 (below the pedigree)
3. Appaloosa World September 1982 (below the pedigree)

Pedigree of Colida


Articles and Excerpts

shcolida colidash12-77p22

Spotted Horse January 1977 (22)
@ 1977 World Show

Appaloosa World November 1981

ColidaAW11-81a ColidaAW11-81b ColidaAW11-81c Colida AW11-81d ColidaAW11-81e ColidaAW11-81f

Appaloosa Anthology by Palmer Wagner

palmercolida1 palmercolida2 palmercolida3 palmercolida4

The rest of the in rebuttal

Palmer takes Mr. Rhoades' statement about the mare being open to mean that there is no way Lady Chesty could be Colida's dam. Palmer then states that his letter to Bill Cass was unanswered. Tracy asked Bill about that when the book came out. She bought him a copy of Palmer's book as a gift, thinking he'd like to have it for the chapter on Colida. He called her after reading it, and after he thanked her for the gift, he went off about a lot of the inaccuracies:

1) Palmer never contacted Bill by letter. He called one time, spoke to Bill for 5 minutes, didn't get the answer he wanted and that was the only communication they had.

2) The AQHA verifies through the letter below that Lady Chesty was owned by Rhoades Brothers when she was bred in order to produce Colida, when Colida was foaled and that she only changed ownership after his birth.


3) The post it note is from Bill and says: In the AQHA registry the Tentative papers had to be returned to the AQHA. The paperwork to have her advanced to the permanent registry has to be paid by the owner and the tentative cetificate returned before you can get the permanent papers.

4) In order to get permanent papers, Lady Chesty had to produce three eligible foals, which she did, while owned by Rhoades Brothers. We know they owned her in August of 1955, because that's when she was advanced. We know that she was sold to Harold Cox in April 1957, with no recorded owners in between and that Harold Cox states she came from the Rhoades Ranch.

So who was spinning yarns?.....

A deeper look into the pedigree:

Colida was a 1957 bay stallion by Unknown out of Lady Chesty. Lady Chesty was a running bred Qh mare owned by the Rhoades Ranch in Colorado. The Rhoades Ranch, run by two brothers, had running Qhs and cattle horses. Lady Chesty was owned by the Rhoades Brothers at the time of her birth until after Colida was born. According to records from AQHA she was owned by Rhoades at the time of the breeding that would have produced Colida. Bill had a letter from AQHA documenting this. (see above).

Lady Chesty was chestnut. So for Colida to be bay he had to have a black based parent. This was told to Tracy direct from Bill Cass, in the presence of Frank Holmes.

In 1963, on Bill and Colida's trip home from the Boise, Idaho ApHC Nationals where Colida was crowned National Grand Champion stallion, Bill stopped in at the Rhoades Ranch, hoping he could reason with the brothers about the horse's sire. Mike Rhoades looked Colida over and offered to buy him on the spot. Bill refused, but asked for the sire's name because now he had proof that Colida would be a credit to the horse. Rhoades refused again and said Colida would never make it as a sire with an unknown daddy, but that Rhoades could fix it for him. Needless to say Bill got pretty angry, words were exchanged and Bill loaded the horse and headed home.

However, he did not stop looking for Colida's sire and he kept on eagle eye on the doings of the the Rhoades Brothers. He found out that they were having a dispersal sale on some colts down at a ranch in Texas that they co-owned with a man named Meeks. He also found out that one of the stallions at the Meeks Rnach had previously stood at the Rhoades Ranch in Kit Carson. Down to Texas he went. What he saw there amazed him. Colts were coming through the ring that conformationally looked just like his horse, same head, same neck, same cat like movement. Several were "roans" with dark butt spots.

Bill investigated further.

It turns out that this stallion was "known" for throwing crop-outs and that several of his foals had had their papers pulled by AQHA for developing unwanted coloration. One mare got her papers yanked even after she had acquired an ROM and produced foals. The other foals that got their papers pulled were all "roans". Back in the day AQHA didn't distinguish between colors or roan or dun. A horse was registered as roan or dun, but could be bay, black, chestnut, grey mixed, etc base coat. All were called roan or dun. What we know about this sire now is that he was bay roan.

So Bill goes home, calls Mike Rhoades and asks about this sire. Mike is shocked, hedges, hems and haws, denies, offers to buy Colida again and then gets angry and hangs up. Bill knew he'd solved the mystery, but still had no way to prove it.

Who was this mystery horse? Many people have speculated that it was Red Dog, Joker B's sire, or Gold Heels, Wapiti's sire, but the time frames and locations were wrong. We know from AQHA records that Lady Chesty was born and bred at the Rhoades Ranch. We know she produced a foal for the Rhoades Brothers prior to Colida, at Kit Carson, Colorado. The stallion that Bill felt sure was the sire of Colida was Roan Wolf.
Roan Wolf

When you compare the two horses there is no doubt they are eerily conformationally similar, a trait Bill also saw in Roan Wolf's other colts. When you look at Roan Wolf's pedigree you find a few suspects. The first one is Maize Marie. It has long been suspected that Peter McCue son Badger passed on app genes to Midnight. Midnight greyed out, but had foals with more than a little sclera, mottling and striped feet. Another suspect was Old Mary, a buckskin mare that had snowflakes in her coat.

It has not yet been proven by DNA testing, but folks are working on it.

Appaloosa World September 1982

colida dies

Appaloosa News February 1975


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