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Crow F-4625

Debera Shields, Sherry Byrd, Pat Mefferd, Sharon Saare and Shannon Weil provided most of the information below on Crow. Debera bred a mare to a Crow grandson, which peaked her interest in the Crow line.

I remembered seeing Crow advertised in Western Horsemen when I was a kid. In my mind I had always associated him with endurance riding and the Tevis Cup. He may have been the first Appaloosa stallion to finish the Tevis Cup, but even more admirable, is his get and grandget finishing the Tevis - multiple times!

I find it amazing, looking through his production record, at how many of his offspring were sold locally. Maybe it is just a different world now, but that 'localness' speaks to his ability as a sire, and to Betty Veal's ablities as well. In short, I am impressed with Crow and his offspring.





Painting of Crow by Randy Steffen in 1961.

Crow is the Appaloosa of Tevis Cup fame. He made his mark in the endurance field.

Crow was bred by Jim Bachman, Oreana, Idaho. He was foaled June 1, 1953. Crow was brought to California from Idaho by Gene Lewis. Gene was a native of Oreana, Idaho and moved to California in the 1950s where he later became well known as a highly successful English discipline trainer and exhibitor. Official ApHC records indicate Crow was transferred from Jim Bachman, Oreana, Idaho to Betty Veal, Auburn, California September 26, 1958.

Crow was thought to be the first Appaloosa Stallion to finish the Tevis Cup*, and did so in the top 15. He was ridden by owner Betty Veal. It is also believed that Crow is the only Appaloosa stallion to have finished the Tevis Cup who had get (daughter) and grand get (grandson) that also finished the Tevis Cup. Between them, they have six Tevis Cup finishes as credit to his legacy. Crow's 1959 Tevis Cup finish was the first, followed by his daughter Smoky Crow (2), and her son Sandy Clagett (3). (This is still being researched by Sherry Byrd and Pat Mefferd, and WSTR records provided by Kate Riordan, who is currently on the WSTR Board of Governors.)


Crow is mentioned in Ann Hyland's book, The Appaloosa 1 as one of the pioneers in endurance for the Appaloosa breed.

Many Appaloosas have been prominent in the sport [endurance] and have kept the breed banner flying. A real trailblazer was Betty Veal's Crow, a leopard marked horse and the first Appaloosa to complete the Tevis Cup ride, who was succeeded by Walter Tibbitt's Ruff Spots' Banner...


This article and photo, titled "Appaloosa Finishes Country's Toughest Endurance Ride," written by Dick Spencer, appeared in the Appaloosa News 2

The ride was the 100-mile one-day ride, from Tahoe City to Auburn, California. It is extremely rugged country, and probably the most rugged endurance test for horses in the country today. The pictures in our magazine, Western Horsemen, did not begin to do it justice, because the pictures were taken where you could get a car in. It is a tough test, and anyone who doubts it should sign up for it next year.

This year the first Appaloosa horse tried it - and it is a great credit to the breed that the horse made it. One of the 15 to finish out of 37 starters. The horse is a stallion, Crow T-1142, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Veal of Auburn, California. Mrs. Veal rode the stud. The horse did an excellent job. 100 miles in a 24-hour period may not sound like much, but over this particular trail it is a rugged test. The many good horses that didn't make it testify to this. The Veals and their stallion, Crow, have certainly done their share to help prove what the Appaloosa folks say about stamina.


Crow appeared on the cover of Appaloosa News3 after his successful finish of the Tevis Cup Ride.

June 1961 cover photo of the Appaloosa News: Crow and Betty Veal
on the Tevis Cup ride.


In this same issue author Randy Steffen writes 4:

Betty Veal, the rider [of Crow] says this stallion never faltered throughout the 100 miles, and probably could have gone on another considerable distance with no excessive fatigue.

Randy also writes:

Many horse have won the coveted One Hundred Miles One Day silver buckles for their riders...and many have played out before reaching the finish line. Not too many Appaloosa horses have made the ride, but every one that started finished in good shape - more than can said of any other breed entered.

Another section of the Tevis Cup ride
as Crow and Betty continue on.


Crow was also ridden in parades. Below are Crow (right), owned by Betty Veal; Crow's daughter Crow's Star Spash (middle), owned by Toyon Farms, and Little Bull (right), owned by Sharon Knudtsen. They are ridden by the cast of 1965-1967 TV show Laredo. Peter Brown on Crow, William Smith on Crow's Star Splash, and Phil Carey on Little Bull.

Parade at the 20th District Fair, held in Auburn, California.

Crow and Peter Brown

Actor Peter Brown of Laredo riding Crow in an Auburn parade.

Crow, Betty and Peter Brown

Actor Peter Brown with Betty Veal and Crow.

*The Tevis Cup, features a fascinating cast of characters, among whom are: Wendell Robie, the founder of the ride. His vision created a competitive trail ride across the Sierras and his enthusiasm and energy made the vision come true; Betty Veal and Dru Barner, whose organizational skills helped turn Robie's dream into a reality. And Auburn, California became the Endurance Capital of the World. (This information from The Tevis Cup, to finish is to win.5)

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Crow, F-4625, advanced from T-1142.
Sire: Ferlyf AHCR #3677
Dam: H Grant Squaw. T-21279
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Foaled June 1, 1953
Bred by Jim Bachman, Oreana, Idaho.
Owned by Jack and Betty Veal, Auburn, California.
Sire of 54 registered foals (detailed list below)

Crow Crow

Crow F-4625 - Betty Veal on the right


Crow was advertised in "The Ketch Pen"
of Western Horsemen magazine
from at least 1964-1967.

This ad appeared in the Appaloosa News, 1961.

Show record

1959 Tevis Cup - completion in Top 15

Offspring, as listed by Appaloosa Horse Club Production Record

(The "AP numbers" are the ApHC's "tracking" number, not a registration number.)

Grandget and beyond

Footnotes and References

Pedigree of Crow

Raseyn AHR #597 gr 1923 Arabian
(son of Skowronek)
Ronek AHR #807 gr 14.2 1931 Arabian
Bahreyn b 1924 Arabian
Alyf AHR #1465 gr 1938 Arabian
Rodan AHR #258 ch 15.1 1906 Arabian
Fath AHR #583 ch 1926 Arabian
Kola AHR #485 ch 1912 Arabian
Ferlyf AHCR #3677 gr 1946
Nasik AHR #604 b 1908 Arabian
Rafeef ch 1927 Arabian
Riyala 1905 Arabian
Ferdisia AHR #595 b 1926 Arabian
Rustem b 1908 Arabian
Ferda b 1913 Arabian
Feluka ch 1899 Arabian
Maintenant ch 1913 Thoroughbred
Sidney Grant 1927 Thoroughbred
Martha Gorman b 1902 Thoroughbred
Henry Grant ch 1937 Thoroughbred
Marse Henry 1913 Thoroughbred
Utah Nurse b 1923 Thoroughbred
My Nurse 1906 Thoroughbred
H. Grant Squaw T-21279
Red roan.
Owner Clair and Eugene Smith, Caldwell, Idaho.
Foaled 1945

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