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El Morrocco F-18
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El Morrocco

1935 stallion. Light blue roan, white w/black spots over body. At maturity he is said to have stood nearly 15 hands and weighing 1000 pounds. Pictures indicate thin mane and tail.

The Sire and Dam:

Sire: Leopard Stallion (Foaled sometime between 1912 and1932). Reported to have been a beautiful white horse, well-marked with black spots, from western South Dakota. At maturity he was described as being 15.2 hands and weighing in at 1200 pounds. Bob McCombre said this stallion had lots of style and action. He was destroyed in a fire in Aberdeen (Atlas pg.03 B-10; Northeast part of SD).

Dam: A black mare of Saddlebred breeding.

Both Bob Peckinpah and Dr. Francis Haines felt that El Morrocco may have been bred from Chief Joseph stock left at the end of the retreat in Montana. I personally have not seen any proof, however both men did so much research of those early Appaloosas, they may have known something that I don’t. I would suggest that this is only speculation and should not be assumed or taken as fact.

Breeder: Not shown in ApHC Stud Book Volumn I indicating that the breeder was not listed on the ApHC Application for Registration and probably not known to the person who registered him. Possibly from western SD area (see sire).


El Morrocco (1)

1935: Year foaled.

1936: Bob McCombe, Redfield, S.D. purchased him as a yearling.

1939: Sold to Glenn Spiller, Huron, S.D.

Spiller brought El Morrocco with him when he moved from S.D. to the Evansdale Farm in Yorba Linda, California. Spiller later moved to Long Beach, California and it is believed that El Morrocco may have been at that location for a time.

Spiller high schooled El Morrocco and trained him to jump. He used him and two other horses in a 3 horse “Roman Standing Team”.

Spiller reported that he bred over 200 mares to El Morrocco in less than 3 years, however there is no known record of how many mares actually produced foals. These were the early years and the majority of the resulting foals were not registered

1941: Sold to cowboy singer/actor Gene Autry of Hollywood, California. Autry used him in his “Rodeo Performing Troupe” Gene Autry bred at least one registered foal from El Morrocco F18…that being Autry T-152.

194?: To M.R. McBride, Bad Axe, Michigan.

1947: To Harry Prowse, Marlette, Michigan.

1952: To Fenton Loss, Vassar, Michigan

1959: To James and Ardella Drudge, Tekonsha, Michigan The Drudges bred him several times to their mares Tammie [F-2677] and Shawnita [T-4778].

1962: To Perry R. Klinger, Ada, Ohio. El Morrocco was put down in February 1962, due to a kidney infection…he was 27 years old.


El Morrocco F-18

Offspring - Sire of: 26 ApHC foals. [24 (23?) listed]


Al's Princess 8551


Squaw Valley Babe F-3286


Apachie Jewel 6669

Reference:  Appaloosa News Mar-Apr60:14
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