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Coinage airborne

Bert Cooper and Eric Conibear ran Firefly Manor. They had gone to the Money Creek's dispersal sale in 1981(?) and purchased Coinage (above).


Money Creek's Pistol Bob with Eric Conibear holding.

It was absolutely wonderful to see Coinage "in person." I had poured over every photo of him published by Money Creek. In real life he was even more impressive. Bert turned him out, and Coinage put on quite a show for us:

coinage9a coinage5
coinage9ccoinage4 coinage6
coinage7 coinage3

Money Creek Pistol Bob

mcpistolbob3 mcpistolbob2

Money Creek Pistol Bob with Eric holding.


A Money Creek Pistol Bob foal at Firefly Manor.

A few other photos from Firefly Manor.


This is Bert Cooper giving a shot to a colt. (Sorry, don't know who he is/was.)


I was entranced with this Coinage colt, called Minta. Guess I liked bays at the time. : ) [Note the Pistol Bob foal is also bay. Ha.]


Another bay, a Red Eagle F-209 great granddaughter.


This photo was labeled (!) a Prince Plaudit daughter.
If I am remembering correctly, Bert bought her at the Rimwold sale.
I remembered her because at the time the filly looked 'pink' to me, and I thought she was neat colored.
One of those horses that "If I were a rich man (woman)....", along with the Red Eagle filly and Minta...

Pedigree of Coinage #235212

Red Dog AQ
Joker B F-678
Blue Vitrol
Joker's Joe Reed 45384
Bray's Berta Reed AQ
Joker's Joe Sunspot 130076
Lockhaven (leopard)
Sunspot T-582
Bay mare
Sunspot's Lassy 20922
Quarter mare
Stan Patches 17459
Top Rail 34832
Topper's Britches 61257
Lucy Belle 17117
Topper Britches Jill ID 11231
Chicaro Jill AQ

Pedigree of Money Creek's Pistol Bob #121200

Nighthawk F-1298
Snowman F-1641
Waota F-770
Carbine of AA 10760
Geist's Cowgirl AQ
Carbine's Target of AA 48900
Lockhaven (leopard)
Bay mare
Crimson Lace of AA 16632
Dakota Dust T-1785
June Teenth AQ
Bay Bob F-3502
Squaw H T-1358
Thuirer's Babe Bobette 53265 thuirersbabebobette
Frosty Socks T-4434
Thuirer's Baby Socks 22232
Gipsy Babe 5250

This is an article that appeared in the Appaloosa News, December 1982.

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