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Some background on GEAR from Equine Chronicle Online*:

Janet Hughes of Clyde, New York was instrumental in forming the annual event that ran from the 1970s through the 1980s. The shows are credited with giving the Appaloosa Breed a boost popularity. Sponsors stepped up to support the show with generous prizes and the annual event drew a level of Appaloosa competition heretofore unheard of in the East.

Terry Thompson: "Anna Claire Cheeseborough and Janet and Jim Hughes had very high quality Appaloosas. They wanted a regional venue in which to showcase them, and GEAR gave them a well run, centralized show where they could present and compete their horses without having to haul too far. GEAR shows were run in places like Syracuse, New York, Wheeling, West Virginia and Indianapolis, Indiana, which made them so much more accessible to people from the East. GEAR got people out to compete and raised awareness about the Appaloosa breed."

Chick McWhirter: “GEAR was really family oriented. My kids showed for many years and I judged for a couple of years. We would see many of the same people every show and there was a great sense of camaraderie. I remember my good friend Hadley Campbell looking around and saying, ‘If we ever lose the people with the two horse trailers, the Appaloosa breed is in trouble,’ because these people were the backbone of shows like GEAR. It was a family type show, but the level of competition was high, and when a horse became a GEAR Champion, it increased the value of that horse. It is a shame that GEAR went by the wayside because it was a great showcase for the Appaloosa breed and it was a lot of fun."
“In some ways, it would be nice to get back to that kind of showing with family, friends, cookouts and just a relaxing way to share our interest in horses.”

*The three paragraphs above are from September 17, 2011 . The site no longer appears to exist.

GEAR Championships are awarded to a horse after it has won a total of 30 or more points in competition in official shows provided the points have been won in two or more shows and under three or more judges. At least 12 points must be won at halter and 12 in performance; the balance may be accumulated in either halter or performance.

Supreme Performance Sire is an honor won by having a minimum of five foals that have earned either a GEAR championship or certificate of versatility.

GEAR Premier Sires

1. Apache Patch F-3088
[Apache F-730 x Kathy F-895] Bred by George Hatley
2. Chancie Mandan T-1521
[unk/Matador Dun AQ x unk/Cheyenne Gold F-2671]
3. Little Navajo Joe 30022
[Little Fob AQ x Navajo Turquoise of AA F-2645],
First stallion to become GEAR champion in 1969, Supreme Performance Champion in 1974.

littlenavajojoe littlenavajojoe2


GEAR Premier Sires

4. Mighty Bright 9760
[Bright Eyes Brother F-3047 x Peggy's Delight 6163] Bred by Lane Hudson

5. Hawkeye F-3505
[One Eyed Geronimo F-2889 x Manzy Maid F-1997]

GEAR Premier Sires

6. El Cap A Tan 10522

7. Double Six Domino F-2646
[Mansfield's Comanche F-3096 x Susan ] Bred by Jack Mansfield.

8. Dominion Codex 55240 CRHA 889
[High Thunderbird F-1822 x Miss Cody 5640] Bred by Joseph Schwein, Forest, Virginia.

GEAR Premier Sires

9. Bright Glow 17731
[Bright Eyes Brother F-3047 x Star Dream 5702]

10. Paisano F-1023
[Arizona Gold x Bunny F-521]

11. Chief Pontiac 23231

Premier Sires

12. Johnny Moccasin Minor 18002

13. Colida 7681
[unknown-unspecified AQHA x Lady Chesty AQ]

14. Prince Plaudit 55156
[Red Plaudit 10191 x Princess Rita ID 8372]

15. Guapo T-2467
[Hands Up F-2217 x Muffins JC]

16. Sonny Boy's Redman 32975
[Kelley’s Sonny Boy T-3945 x Joe’s Topsy AQ]

17. Honey Toe 47051
[Toe Nail AQ x Honey Harris AQ]

18. Sleepy's Joker Moon 46231
[Joker’s Sleepy 21249 x Shari Lyndia Moon (Lyndera?) (Lydia)]

19. Horseshoe's Taytoba 12500
[Kiowa Peppy T-4622 x Miss M 6]

20. Wapiti 5445
[Gold Heels AQ x Quadroon AQ]

21. Absarokee Sunset 7322
[Flamingo of AA F-3982 x Powdered Sugar T-1266]

22. Coke's Plaudit 37238
[Coke Roberds 5703 x Mary [Merry] Eyes 135146

23. Joker's Dun Spot 28229
[Joker B F-678 x Dundee Sophia ID 8804]

24. Little Booger 7423
[Flying Sargeant F-2098 x Furry’s Babe McCue AQ] Bred by Jerold Johnson, Hutchinson, Kansas

Premier Sires

25. Red Heller 54731/CRHA 1522-P
[Red Sun 11097/CRHA 1893 x Wi-Sunshine 13211]
Bred by Ralph Cannon, Elizabeth, Colorado


26. Brandy's Sun 40980

27. Man O War Chief 14756
[Tomahawk H F-2541 x Swenita JC]

28. Flying Star 50237
[Colida 7681 x Patsy Hull AQ]

29. High Hand F-3366
[Hands Up F-2217 x Deacon Bess AQ]

30. Shavano F-1679
[Patchy Jr F-1380 x Blossom F-1678]
Bred by Ben Johnson.


31. Pop Up Popper T-7546
[Cheater Up T-3544 x Sugar]
Bred by JE Downey, Carthage, Missouri


32. Ford's Comanche Rio 78744
[Glen Rio Day 22878 x Cancion]

33. Handprint's Medicine Boy F-3722
[Missoula Medicine Man F-2824 x Blue Bonnet B F-1832]
Bred by Charley W Peterson, Atkinson, Nebraska


34. East Ern Riker 86610
[Oil Play AQ x Virgin Lady AQ]

35. Navajo Britches F-2709
[Whistle Britches F-2492 x Trammel’s Rusty AQ]
Bred by Ned Smith, O'Donnell, Texas


36. Texas Chips 59034
[JM’s Little Chips 19460 x Vinita Jo]

37. Han D Echo 6977
[Little Roan Hancock AQ x Tomichi’s Mistake 6976]

38. Top Hat H T-4164
[Red Senor AQ x Little Star H T-4161]
Bred by Ace Hooper, Plainview, Texas


1975 Premier Sires

39. Roblene's Son Of Fourmile F-2881
[Chief of Fourmile F-2219 x Little Red Chick F-1445]
Bred by Gus Oettermann, San Antonio, Texas


40. Rustler Bill F-3372
[Matador Dun AQ x Cheyenne Gold F-2671]
Bred by Ken West, Eagle Butte, South Dakota


41. Sully's Pattern 16061
[Bambi E F-2497 x Blue Baby 5836]
Bred by Lee Warne, South Dakota


42. Paisano's Socks 102825
[Paisano F-1023 x Mark's Sister 92666]

43. Icy Zipper 84654
[Rustler Zip TW 17800 x Icekamp or Icykamp AQ]

44. T Jewel's Redbird 21844/CRHA 1647-P
[High Thunderbird F-1822/CRHA 683 x Tyner’s Jewel T-3744]

45. Royal Plaudit 98821
[Red Plaudit 10191 x Robert’s Frosty Ruth F-4217]

46. Buster's Ivanhoe 15429
[Star Buster T-3064 x Walnut's Katchina Doll T-1713]

47. Mighty Paul 51858
[Mighty Bright 9760 x Carmen Calypso AQ]

48. Apache 65 54994
[Apache Patch F-3088 x Desally AQ]

49. Valley Spotted Butt 55236
[Apache Dream T-3355 x AQ]

Other Premier Sires

51. Old Pay Day F-4467
[Mansfield's Comanche F-3096 x Lucine]

79.*Colida's Lucky 87919
[Colida 7681 x Dawsons Ethel AQ]

107.Tucky Bow 123075
[Colida 7681 x Chico Loe AQ]

119.*Copino 101407
[Colida 7681 x Chico Loe AQ]


Top Quest 110840
[Top Hat H T-4164 x Gimpy’s Wimpy 30021]

Supreme Performance Sires

Mighty Bright 9760
Mighty Marshall 51565, Mighty High 54377, Mighty Gunsmoke 61341, Mighty Mona 60378, Mighty Amy 73574

Little Navajo Joe 30022

Colida 7681
Co Stephanie 146846, Cofleet 76549, Copino 101407, Colida's Lucky 87919, Tucky Bow 123075 AN 12-76:16

Prince Plaudit 55156

Absarokee Sunset 7322

1977 GEAR Show Results, Syracuse, New York June 30-July 3 - Appaloosa News November 1977:53-60
No mention of Premier Sires or Supreme Performance Sires
It seems that after 1977, [btw, The National Show Point System started in 1979 - thanks Pat, for that info] the Appaloosa News pretty much ignored GEAR. The shows do not appear in "Coming Events", although I did see the GEAR Sale listed once, nor any articles on show results. There may be some coverage in the "Show Results" photo section, as I did not look at every one of the photos, and may have missed that information. Anyone know? Anywho, that sure seems a bit stupid to turn your back on others who are promoting the same breed...or perhaps I have it wrong.

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