Appaloosa Territory


Appaloosa photos from the past

Abdull's Pok A Son

Abdull's Pok A Son stallion
(Herndon's Pok A Son 64087 x Abdull's Squaw)
Foaled 1971
Source Appaloosa News 1-89:104, 7-75:88, 2-81:9, 2-76:203, 2-75:154

Al's Wagtail Kid

Al's Wagtail Kid stallion
Source Appaloosa News 8-70:66, 2-65:22, 3-65:46, 12-65:44, 12-65:91, Western Horsemen 1-66:7

Amber Mist

Amber Mist mare
(TB or Red Onion AQHA x Machacha F-2581)
Source Appaloosa News Jan-Feb60:36, Feb62:45; and Valley Mist Farm (about Amber Mist's dam)

Apache Brave

Apache Brave gelding
Source Appaloosa News N-D57:5

Apache Double Apache Double Apache Double

Apache Double stallion
(Double Reigh JC512882 x Run Around 26807)
Foaled 1969
Source Appaloosa News 8-81:20, 7-75:5, 10-75:67, 1-73:138, 2-73:92, 6-73:108, 7-73:84, 8-73:43

Apache King's Trail

Apache King's Trail stallion
(Apache King S 10858 x Arboledo's Misfire 9866)
Foaled 1965
Source Appaloosa News 3-70:79, 9-70:86, 2-73:139, 4-73:103

BBF's Ovation

BBF's Ovation stallion
(Illusion 94495 x WayLo's Sully Sunbeam 71725)
Foaled 1974

Ben Buzz

Ben Buzz stallion
(Ben Took 52684 x Chubadare ID 3821

Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe stallion
(His Nibbs T-5177 x Micky Simpson AQHA mare)
Source: Spotted Horse 8-78:18; thanks to Phyllis Murphy for correcting the sire and dam of Ben Lowe!

Ben Took

Ben Took stallion
(Ben Lowe 11185 x Freckles)
Source: Appaloosa News 1-73:132(ped)

Billy Fly

Billy Fly stallion
(Billy C AQHA x Dry Fly T-3239)
Foaled 1957
Source Appaloosa News J-A58:35lot45, Sep-Oct’58:29

Bold Print

Bold Print stallion
(Sanskrit 54727 x Cindy Poco Bill AQHA 438864)
Source CPAA 4-77 (stood at WayLo Acres in 1977)

Bright Delight Bright Delight

Bright Delight mare
(Bright Eyes Brother F-3047 x Peggy's Delight 6163)
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News 1-65:112, 4-65:104

Bright Luster

Bright Luster
(Bright Eyes Brother F-3047 x Lady Senator AQHA)

Brightest Nugget

Brightest Nugget stallion
(Nugget Jim 85969 x Bright Kaye 77669)

Bull Pup

Bull Pup
(Absarokee Sunset 7322 x Blake Babs)

Buster Fuzz Buster Fuzz

Buster Fuzz
(Sheljet AQHA 415479 x Domino Snowfire)
Foaled 1974
Source Appaloosa News 8-81:106, 1-75:140, 2-75:19/113
Sundance and Mansfield Comanche breeding

Caliente Revel

Caliente Revel
(Caliente Jr 16558 x Revel Ann 16787)
Source Appaloosa News 4-70:90, 5-70:71,90, 9-70:31, 5-73:80/81, 6-73:59, 8-73:25, 9-73:113, 10-73:27/28; 11-73:38, 12-73:72

Cedar Rige Spot

Cedar Ridge Spot stallion
(Popsickle Jay 111244 x Golden Leopard 122805)
Foaled 1977

Charlie Brown H

Charlie Brown H
(Topper II AQHA P-27710 x Peaches F-635)
Foaled in 1955
Source Appaloosa News 1-65:114, 1-66:63, 2-66:111, 8-65:14/18

Chief Nisqually

Chief Nisqually stallion
(Dusty Sandy x Niquall's Pandora)
Foaled in 1960
Source Appaloosa News 1-65:109, 10-65:97/102; 12-65:45

Chocklate Confetti

Chocklate Confetti stallion
(Mulino Cousin F-2773 x Joker's Confetti)
Appaloosa News/Journal 3-97:148, 12-99:164, 1-00:211

Clabber B

Clabber B
(Trivia x Cooterville Lady Haynes)
Foaled 1953
Source Appaloosa News Mar62:58

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine stallion
(Sorghum Bill AQHA P-28982 x Momma Mia 12404)
Source Apploosa News 1-65:21, 10-65:66

Colida's Bill Hancock

Colida's Bill Hancock
(Colida 7681 x Oak Bow)
Source Appaloosa News 2-76:164

Comanche Maid

Comanche Maid mare
Foaled 1950
Source: Appaloosa News Jul-Aug58:13, Jul60:49/58, Aug60:28

Comanche's Image

Comanche's Image stallion
(Comanche's Equal F-3231 x Four D Blackie)
Foaled 1966


Conquistador stallion
(Cheyenne x Fannie)
Source Appaloosa News 5-61:13

DR's Joker's Playboy

DR's Joker's Playboy stallion
Foaled 1969
Source Appaloosa News 1-73:173, 2-73:105/149, 3-73:123, 4-73:68

Darling Sun Prince

Darling Sun Prince

Deck Bar

Deck Bar

Dial Bright Too

Dial Bright Too
(Dial Good AQHA 306032 x Bright Luster 17727)
Source Appaloosa News 3-81:49, 2-81:252, 1-76:151,157, 5-75:54, 1-73:120, 3-73:66, 4-73:8, 5-73:76, 10-73:80,83, Spotted Horse 8-78:17

Diamondot Sass Moana

Diamondot Sass Moana mare
(Sass Thomas T-3542 x Chico's Cindy C T-4856)
Source: Appaloosa News 10-73:132

Don O's Cavilade

Don O's Cavilade
(Cavalcade x Appaloosa by Chief Malheur F-1274)
Foaled 1956
Source: Appaloosa News Sep61:37/43, Nov61:48, Dec:42, 8-65:9


Dragonseed stallion
(Conquistador T-2330 x Rexine T-742)
Foaled 1959
Source BBF 71

Duffy's Diamond

Duffy's Diamond
(Rustler's Duff x Cold Black Diamond AQHA)
Foaled 1979

Dun Roven Chelsea

Dun Roven Chelsea
(Chief Chelsea F-2154 x Dun Roven's Toy)
Foaled 1975
Source Appaloosa News 12-99:87, 1-00:129, FAHR 3-1:30, 10-81:165, 1-03:260

Easter Bar

Easter Bar
Reference Appaloosa News 8-70:C, 10-70:63, 1-66:90

Easy We Go

Easy We Go
(Easy Jet AQHA x We Go Charge)
Source Appaloosa Journal 3-89:90, 3-81:172
Sundance breeding

Fair Charles

Fair Charles stallion
(Prince Charles 95517 x Prince's Sis)
Source Appaloosa News 10-81:43

Ford's Comancha Rio

Ford's Comanche Rio
Source Appaloosa News 5-70:86, 6-70:90


(Go Bay Go 60855 x Miss Bar Heels AQHA)
Foaled 1978
Source Appaloosa News 1-87:154, 2-82:178

Game Time

Game Time gelding
Foaled 1964
(High Time Tiggie x ---)


(Siri Chief x Sally H F-2009)
Source: Appaloosa News Nov-Dec59:23
Siri Sheik breeding


Goer stallion
(Go Bay Go 60855 x Miss Bar Heels AQHA)
Foaled 1973
Source Appaloosa News 1-76:26/145/214/215, 2-76:91, 1-75:174/198/211, 2-75:110, 12-75:91/115, 7-77:50

HW Osceola Warrior

HW Osceola Warrior stallion
Foaled 1961

Ha Dar Honey

Ha Dar Honey
(Wapiti 5445 [this page] x Comanche T Bird 79497)
Foaled 1969
Source: Appaloosa News 9-81:56, 9-70:13, 2-76:199,231, 1-75:53, 2-75:87, 3-75:114, 4-75:94, Spotted Horse 7-77:IBC

Ha Dar Shado

Ha Dar Shado
(Ha Dar Honey 109515 x Jinny Chic 89404 [below])
Source: Appaloosa News 11-81:28, 1-79:32, 2-76:231, 1-75:186/231, 8-75:80, 9-75:95/142, 12-75:82, 11-73:119, Spotted Horse 12-77:45

Han D Fox

Han D Fox stallion
(Han D Echo 6977 x Foxie Belle JC 528608)
Source: Appaloosa News 6-70:83, 9-70:13,30, 2-75:138, 2-73:143, 5-73:53, 11-73:39, 12-73:78

Handprint's Little Red Finale

Handprint's Little Red Finale
(Cooterville Norrell's Little Red F-1673 x Cherl 4 Dinah AQHA P-115050)
Source AN 4-66:19, AN5-73:120*(get)

Hands Up Plaudit

Hands Up Plaudit
Source Appaloosa News 2-73:93, SoonerApHC

Hayes Progress

Hayes Progress
(Newkirk stallion x She'll Smoke AQHA 48087)
Foaled 1958
Source Sooner Newsletter Sep 2008:32, Ada Fall76:#43(ref)

Jinny Chic

Jinny Chic mare
(Sully B Hancock 23663 x Sorrel Flo AQHA 233287)
Source Appaloosa News 2-76:231

Johnny Luck

Johnny Luck stallion
Foaled 1972
Source Appaloosa News 1-82:10, 1-75:68/229, 2-75:19, 3-75:136, 5-75:140, 7-77:104

Joker's Monte

Joker's Monte stallion
(Joker B F-678 x Moose Milk 20509)
Source: Appaloosa News 1-70:2, 3-70:19, 1-65:23, 10-65:65, 10-73:18(article),79

Joker's Traveler

Joker's Traveler stallion

Lady's Warrior

Lady's Warrior

Ledge Deck

Ledge Deck
(Top Deck JC 4518887 x Joker's Moneca 28257)
Source Appaloosa News 2-70:C, 9-70:99, 11-70:55, 1-76:76, 1-75:71
Exported to Australia

Little Big Man II

Little Big Man II

Little Coyote of Circle L

Little Coyote of Circle L stallion
Source Appaloosa News Jun62:43

Lucy Upton

Lucy Upton mare
Source Appaloosa News J-A59:1

May's Surprise

May's Surprise stallion
(Daylight x Sox)

Mighty Hancock

Mighty Hancock stallion
(Mighty Bright 9760 x Bodette?)
Foaled 1969
Source Appaloosa News 2-75:158

Missoula Arrow

Missoula Arrow
Foaled 1958
Source: Appaloosa News Dec61:35

Money Creek's Jaguar

Money Creek's Jaguar
T-1189 AAA
(Money Creek's Rockledge F-4092 x Up and Coming 141277)

Montego Warrior

Montego Warrior
(Money Creek's Monte Time 189318 x Scotts Lady Bird JC 685026)
Foaled 1977
Source: Spotted Horse 1-79:30

Moolah's Robin

Moolah's Robin
(Top Moolah x Hadley's Taka Estah)
Foaled 1972
Source Appaloosa News 5-73:145, 6-73:83, 12-73:130

Morgan's Jaguar

Morgan's Jaguar
Source: Sundance Newsletter M/A07:15

Moroccan Leopard II-1472

Moroccan Leopard II-1472
(Moroccan Leopard F-1472 x Weeping Water 121193)

Mr Silver AAA

Mr Silver
(Silver Thistle JC 491981 x Quanah's Doll 48182)
Source: Appaloosa News 1-73:55, 153; 11-73:65

My Liege

My Liege
(Brent Lea 49538 x Shavaness 49539)

the Newkirk stallion

Newkirk stallion
Newkirk Ranch, Fairplay, Colorado
Source Sooner Newsletter Jul-Aug 2008:20

Ocala Flight

Ocala Flight stallion
(Apollo JC 526863 x Ocala Princess 16330)
Foaled 1968
Source Appaloosa News 3-81:118, 7-75:6p, 1-73:136, 2-73:77, 5-73:78(color), 7-73:75,117

Old Painter Old Painter

Old Painter
Source Appaloosa News Jan-Feb’60:7-8

Paisano's Charro

Paisano's Charro
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News Dec60:IFC

Paisano's Janie

Paisano's Janie mare
(Paisano F-1023 x Janie T JC)
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News 7-65:45, Dec60:IFC

Paisano's Snowfall

Paisano's Snowfall mare
(Paisano F-1023 x ---)
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News Dec60:IFC, Feb62:62

Plaudit's Red

Plaudit's Red
(Red Plaudit 10191 x Little Cowgirl AQHA 34522)
Foaled 1965
Source: Appaloosa News 5-70:46, 6-70:53, 11-70:49, 1-76:105, 2-76:44, 2-75:221, 3-75:132, 4-75:136, 5-75:106, 6-75:114, 7-75:112, 8-75:92, 9-75:94, 10-75:137, 2-73:123(ad), 7-73:34, 12-73;106, 7-77:72(head), 8-77:31(head)

Red Fire's Cracker

Red Fire's Cracker (pictured with dam)
(--- x Glendora T-8007)
Foaled in 1961
Source: Appaloosa News 11-61:55


Rimrock (photo is reversed)

Rip L

Rip L (photo is reversed)
(unknown x unknown)
Foaled 1952

Rustler's Risk

Rustler's Risk
Foaled 1965
Source Appaloosa News 1-70:11/15, 2-70:52, Spotted Horse 10-77:10

Rustler's Zip

Rustler's Zip
(Rustler Bill F-3372 x Baby Doll Dex AQHA)
Foaled 1961
Source Appaloosa News 2-65:94, 3-65:93, 4-65:23, 6-65:44, 8-65:9/42, 9-65:57, Mar62:59


Sherry mare
(Nugget x Leopard Lady F-167)

Simcoe's Cariboo Chief

Simcoe's Cariboo Chief
(QH x Appaloosa)
Source Appaloosa News Sep’60:28, Jul61:26, Sep61:35, Oct61:24, Jan’62:54

Sonny Boy's Red Man

Sonny Boy's Red Man
Source Appaloosa News 1-70:27, 8-65:7, 9-65:57/85

Spud Nik

Spud Nik stallion
(Poteet B F-2225 x Quarter)
Foaled 1957
Source Appaloosa News Nov-Dec58:9, Mar-Apr59:2, Jun62:24

Sully's Chavelle

Sully's Chavelle stallion
(Bambi E F-2497 x Sully's Suzy 14120)
Foaled 1966
Source Appaloosa News 2-76:162,158


Udo mare
(Choya F-1951 x ---)
Foaled 1957
Source Appaloosa News Mar-Apr58:9, May-Jun60:52, Jul60:35, Oct60:15, Jan61:7(article),41, Apr61:38, Aug61:31, Feb62:49

Ulrich's Many Coups

Ulrich's Many Coups stallion
(Navajo's Candy x Simcoe's Weeping Willow)

Vaguely Bright

Vaguely Bright stallion
(Vaguely Noble JC x Bright Luster 17727)

WM's Copper Penny

WM's Copper Penny mare
(WM's Copper Dollar F-3187 x Olive Oil)
Foaled 1960
Source: Appaloosa News Dec60:34/39, 8-61:39, 12-61:30

WM's Copper Sky Rocket

WM's Copper Sky Rocket
(WM's Copper Dollar F-3187 x ---)
Source Appaloosa News 8-81:25, Aug61:3/22/29/39, May62:61

WM's Copper Valentine

WM's Copper Valentine
(WM's Copper Dollar F-3187 x WM's Boots T-3000)
Foaled 1960
Source Appaloosa News 1-66:40, 10-65:47, 10-60:38, 8-61:38

Wapiti Wapiti

Wapiti stallion
(Gold Heels AQHA 1223 x Quadroon AQHA 8588)
Inducted into the ApHC Hall of Fame in 1988.
Source Appaloosa News 2-81:112, 4-65:9. 5-65:38, Feb62:32 (includes pedigree), Article about Wapiti here at McCoy Farms or here at Barnlot (in case one of them disappears from the intertubes)

War Don

War Don stallion
(War Glory AQHA 50645 x Dawndee 5393)
Source Appaloosa News 2-66:17/93, 3-66:65, 8-65:18, 11-65:4/49/74, 12-65:57, 9-73:97(ped)

War Fair War Fair

War Fair stallion
(Big Brass JC 477566 x Crooked Nose TW 11051)
Foaled 1964
Source Appaloosa News 2-82:141

Wi Tanka

Wi Tanka gelding
Source Apploosa News 11-65:67, J-F57:8, Jul-Aug58:8, Sep-Oct59:53, Mar-Apr60:55, Oct61:22/25, Nov61:57

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket stallion
(Whistle Britches F-2492 x Quarter mare)
Source Appaloosa News 2-65:91, 5-65:C, Jun62:44

Young's Takeo Chief Young's Takeo Chief

Young's Takeo Chief stallion
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News Jul61:42, 4-61:41, May62:61

Zero Hancock

Zero Hancock stallion
Source Appaloosa News 2-70:21

Zorro's Boy

Zorro's Boy stallion



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