Appaloosa Territory


Pre-Registry Appaloosas
(Listed alphabetically)

appaldolly appaldolly2

Appal Dolly mare
Near leopard/spotted body blanket
(Sundance F-500 x Boot Ranch/Phil Jenkins mare)
Foaled ----
1. Sonseeray F-3295


Baby Patches stallion
Near leopard
( )
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 1-68:22
1. General Blucher F-77
2. Mount Spokane T-548


Daylight stallion
Red leopard
(Starbuck Leopard x TB)
Foaled ----
1. Sundance F-500
2. Leopard S T-4396
3. May's Surprise T-3

Desert King
See Tavisheen


George Webb Leopard stallion
( )
Foaled ----
1. Riley's May F-464
2. La Vender F-734


Knobby stallion
( )
Foaled ----
1. Little Dan [see below]
2. Bonnie F-434


Little Dan stallion
(Knobby x Spot)
Foaled ----
1. Old Blue [see below]


New Kirk stallion
(Finger Print JC x Appaloosa)
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 11-76:64
1. Hayes' Wasicu T-3823
2. Hayes' Progress T-3825
3. Hayes' High Bid T-3828
4. Hayes' Kenosha T-3984


Old Blue stallion
Blue roan, blanket
(Little Dan or Dan or Dan Patch x Sam FisherŐs Lucy)
Foaled ----
1. Toby I F-203
2. Kamiak Trixie F-3255
3. Speckles F-285
4. Yohn's Bell Boy F-900
5. Missoula Nightingale T-1961
6. Roari T T-4375
7. Roani T 5124
8. Apple T 5127
9. Twanee T 9058
10.Terry's Katie T 9080
11. BartelŐs Babe ID 9708
Source: Appaloosa News 1-68:27


Old Painter stallion
White, black spots on hips
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News Jan-Feb60:7-8, Sep72 (article by Peckinpah)
1. Babe F-1 1929 mare
2. Snowflake F-2 1929 mare
3. Silvarr F-30 1932 stallion
4. Young Painter
5. Cherokee Gal T-1922 1939 mare

(Cheppy JC x Cojo mare)
Foaled ----
Source: Bixby bred a number of horses to CHEPPY (JC), and he sired Appaloosas, one very important one, PEACOCK (Pre-Registry Appaloosa) who in turn sired EASTER F-33, she the dam of RED EAGLE'S PEACOCK, one of the most important foundation Appaloosas of his time. Denhardt may have not known that, or possibly thought it was not important and may have not know that Bixby bred Appaloosas also. Pat Mefferd


Prairie Dog stallion
(Prince x ?)
Foaled 1903-04?
Half brother to Starbuck Leopard
Source: Appaloosa News 1-72:37


Ruff's Spotlight
(JC x Appaloosa)
Foaled ----
Source: Frank Scripter
1. Costa's Specks F-1853 (T-257) stallion foaled 1939. Dam: Azul F-79. Bred by Con Ruff, Marysville, California. Owned by JE Costa, Gerber, California.
2. Ruff's Bunny F-1250 mare foaled 1937. Bred by Con Ruff, Marysville, California.


Sheik Jibbah CRHA NR 100
Black leopard
(Starbuck Leopard x Columbine CRHA NR 101)
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 1-75:204
Note: Sheik Jibbah of course, being said to be a son of the mysterious Starbuck Leopard. Shiek Jibbah is also the sire of
1. Starbuck Leopard II F-129 (out of Columbine),
2. Dixie II F-247 (out of Columbine),
3. Pagan Leopard F-130 (out of Bonita), bred by KKP, would be sold to S.K. Johnston, Chattanooga, TN,
4. Goldsworthy F-131 (out of Bella Donna) and
5. Lady Rose F-498 (out of Columbine). ~Sherry Byrd

*Shirley mare
small hip blanket
(unknown x sorrel spotted blanket)
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 10-60:11
Notes: Photo from 1919. Raised as orphan, dam killed in roundup. Always had Appaloosa foals. Mrs John Twitchell, Circle, Montana


Sir Oliver stallion
Roan, spotted body blanket
Bred by Carlos Partin, John Day, Oregon
Foaled ----

Notes: He was pre registry and never registered. He sired Renner's Pepper from which came leopard descendents. This horse was a progenitor of Pepper's Shamrock through dam's side. Frank Scripter

The following is from the Appaloosa Connection, Bonnie Newitt is not sure who wrote it: [maybe Sherry Byrd? -AT]

SIR OLIVER PRE REGISTRY stallion, black leopard
Owner breeder Carlos Partin, John Day, Oregon
Sire of:

1. Renner's Pepper T6 1943 stallion, blue roan, owned by Al's Appaloosas, Rosebud, Oregon. Shown and placed in English and Western Pleasure and cutting. Dam: Dapples, possible part Morgan. Sire of: *Miss Renner unregistered o/o TB mare per stud book, Dam of: Renner's Paladin T13968 (sired by Morgan's Granada F1418)
Sire of: *Lava Miss Renner 65890, 1951 mare out of Lava Miss TB
Sire of: Pepper Face T-211
*These 'may' be the same horse...from Palouse Sale 1963:19, the sale listed Miss Renner as out of Lava Miss JC, the same dam as shown above for Lava Miss Renner.?? Thoughts, anyone?

2.Rose O'Day F-530 1944 mare, blue roan black spots hips, dam unknown, bred by Carlos Partin

3. Rosy Day F-1588 1946 mare, blue roan black spots over hips, bred by Carlos Partin, owned by Fred Hulseman, o/o Appaloosa mare.
3a. Rosy Day - Dam of: John Day T-245 (no foals) owned by Fred Hulseman, Red Bluff, CA
3b. Rosy Day Dam of: Wamblee Day F-3143 1959 stallion, blue roan, black spots over hips, sired by Wamblee Toh F-1595, bred by Ed Hulseman, Red Bluff, CA
3c. Rosy Day Dam of: Pay Day S F2071, 1953 colt, (T-246) white w bay and black spots over entire body: sired by Arab Toswirah Alkahar (stud book names the sire as "Hoffman Leopard".
Pay Day S sire of: 3c1. Chief Tule F-2198 (T-2721) 1958 stallion o/o Spooka Dot F-520 3c1a. Sire of: Dilt's Lally-Pop 11377 o/o Baby Girl F-1237
Pay Day S sire of: 3c2. Linda Day F-2074, 1956 mare, white w black spots l/h, bred by Fred Hulseman o/o Spooka Dot F-520 (Spooka Dot F-520, bred by Rufus Hanks, Los Molinos, CA, sired by Polkadott F-387 o/o Spooky F-42)
Pay Day S sire of: 3c3.Mink's Blue Day 29952, 1956 mare, bred by Fred Hulseman, Red Bluff CA; out of Miss Mink F-1837 (Miss Mink F-1837 sired by Siri Sheik F-1833 o/o Lady Riftan F-1045)
Pay Day S sire of: 3c4.Rodeo Day F-3144 1959 stallion, white with chestnut spots over entire body, bred by Fred Hulseman, Red Bluff CA
Pay Day S sire of: 3c5. Snappy Day F-3390 1960 stallion, black, white w black spots over hips; bred by Fred Hulseman; Dam: Freckle Face F-524, red roan sired by Specks per stud book (Specks later registered as Costa's Specks) o/o Hattie by Blanco F-45
Pay Day S sire of: 3c6Tinkerbell Day F-2077, 1957 mare, white w bay spots over entire body; bred by Fred Hulseman; Dam: Golden Arrow F-1544 (Golden Arrow F-1544, 1954 mare, red roan sired by King Gold F-561 o/o Pocohontas F-1323-bred by Fred Hulseman)

3d. Rosy Day Dam of: Wamblee Toh Day F-3361 1960 stallion, dark brown, white with brown spots over hips; bred by Fred Hulseman; sired by Wamblee Toh F-1595 x Patchy F-416

3e. Rosy Day Dam of: Ed's May Day F-3193 (T-508) 1954 blue roan mare, sired by Arab Toswirah Alkahar F-2417, bred by Ed Hulseman.
Ed's May Day - Dam of: Cortez Day F3195 1958 stallion, blue roan, white w black spots over body, sired by Leopard Cortez F1072, bred by Fred Hulseman;
Ed's May Day -Dam of: Quickie Day T-9363 1957 stallion, blue roan white spots over body, sired by Quicksand AQHA P8270; bred by Ed Hulseman, Red Bluff, CA

4. Flicka Day T-3615 Dam: Miss Lemon Bred by Carlos Partin, Redmond, Oregon

5. Gayle's Pepper F-379 1943 stallion Dam: unknown. Bred by Carlos Partin, John Day, Oregon
from Appaloosa Anthology by Palmer Wagner


Skeezix aka Moravian Leopard stallion
Red Roan/white w/chestnut spots o/entire body; large star on forehead, sock left hind; mane and tail dark. [photo below notes red leopard spots].
(Starbuck Leopard [photo below suggests he was imported] x unknown - possibly draft)
Bred by: Possibly Charles G. Bechtel, his first known owner.
Owned by K.K. "King" Parsons, Boulder, CO....possibly from 1949 thru 19??.
Foaled 1939 or before
Date of death not known

Offspring:[more details near end of this report]
Barrendo Red F-150 1942
Chief Crazy Horse C T-957 1944
Chipeta F-510 1946
Leopard Boy T-20 1946
Cooterville Miss Colorado T-737 1949

The following is Pat Mefferd's research on Skeezix/Moravian Leopard:

Charles G. Bechtel, the first known owner called him SKEEZIX...
K.K. Parsons renamed him MORAVIAN LEOPARD. Parsons had a habit of renaming horses with exotic names and extended mythical pedigrees.
This is the original photo K.K. Parsons sent to Fred Hulseman of Red Bluff, California. It shows Parsons mounted on the leopard spotted horse at his Wineglass Appaloosa Horse Ranch, Boulder, Colorado. It is not clear if K.K. Parsons actually owned, leased or just borrowed this stallion. That silo at the right is the one that SKEEZIX is standing in front of in the other photo.skeezix2sm backofskeezixphoto
At first I thought the handwriting on the back of this photo was K.K. Parsons, but after comparing it with another document I is not written in Parsons hand....may be that of Mrs. Parsons? This is the back of the above photo. You will note that the third line says "Imp. Starbuck Leopard"...I address this further down in this report. It also states "this stud is doing a fine job for us", which indicates to me, Parsons is using him as a breeding stallion. I have not, as yet, figured out what the roman numeral "III" seen at bottom left side means.
At this time....I have to jump forward.....In the mid 1940's Ben Johnson purchased an unregistered leopard spotted son of MORAVIAN LEOPARD from K.K. Parsons. Ben Johnson registered this young stallion with the ApHC as BARRENDO RED F150, listing his sire as MAROVIAN LEOPARD and his dam as SHERIDANE. The following is the ApHC Stud Book Vol I entry page 47 (published in 1947)....
For reasons I will discuss in my BARRENDO RED Report...There were changes and/or corrections made to his sire, dam and breeder which appeared in the ApHC Stud Book Combined Vols I-III entry page 43 (published in 1957)...
Parsons spelled the name MORAVIAN LEOPARD; Johnson spelled the name MAROVIAN LEOPARD, perhaps it was due to phonics or error in spelling, illegible handwriting or a possible typo.

Regarding the foal year for SKEEZIX....I figured his foal year by deducting three years from the foal year of his first known registered foal....1942 minus 3 years equals 1939; so he was foaled in 1939 or before.

Nothing I had previously read indicated the color of SKEEZIX, other than he had leopard spots and the fact that his get were "red". The last three words on the backside of the photo state "Red leopard spots". Knowing the color of his spots and seeing his photos...It is my belief that he was a red roan/white w/chestnut spots over entire body; the rest of the description can be seen in his photos. Even though he has one white sock....his legs from just above the knee and hocks down...appear to be dark. In an old article I have on the subject of "Libyan Leopards"..there is a reference to these types of spotted horses with dark legs as a "Blayden Leopard"....Thus far I find nothing on this subject on the internet and one must consider the source....

Pedigree of SKEEZIX......There were several versions.

Charles G. Bechtel Pedigree: Sire: Starbuck Leopard Dam: Unknown
I don't recall reading Bechtel reporting on the dam of SKEEZIX.

K.K. "King" Parson Pedigree: Sire: Imp. Starbuck Leopard Dam: Sheridane.
Even though an extended pedigree was given to Ben Johnson from K.K. Parsons...I do no have it in its entirety, I'm sure it was quite interesting! Below are scans of Ben Johnsons 1949 rebutal to the importation of STARBUCK LEOPARD....


Bob Peckinpah's 1951 rebuttal to the importation story....

Ralph Cannon Pedigree....
Sire: Leopard Stallion from Texas to Starbuck in Colorado (aka STARBUCK LEOPARD)
Dam: Lolita, a bay mare by a 1400 pound horse. 2nd Dam: Hambletonian bred.

In my 1969 research on STARBUCK LEOPARD...I compiled a list of his known progeny from different sources. At that time I did not note where I obtained some of the information....I guess I didn't think I'd be doing this nearly 50 years later. Someplace [in 1969] I read that the dam of SKEEZIX was a "bay mare". This is a scan of my notes I'm speaking of....

Palmer Wagner Pedigree Information:
Sire: None listed
Dam: None listed
Palmer Wagner was very disrespectible to Ben Johnson personally and to his Appaloosa program. The Lord only knows how many early day Appaloosas Palmer bred/owned or liked...actually be traced to Draft, Pony and/or Pinto/Paint horses....I know of a few!

Jan Haddle-Davis Pedigree:
Sire: Leopard ( aka Starbuck Leopard).
Dam: Unknown.
Jan Haddle-Davis is truthful about what she knew at the time she wrote her book. In Jan's 2001 revised edition, no mention of his color or his dam.

There have been numerous references to some form of draft breeding in SKEEZIX....usually thru his dam. This would not be uncommon in this era.
It was reported that Charles Bechtel had two mares: one a "Standardbred mare", the other "a flaxen chestnut Belgian draft mare" that he kept to breed to Standardbred stallions and/or to US Remount Thoroughbred stallions. These mares are mentioned as possibly being the dam of BARRENDO RED.
As you can understand, since most people have passed on....its hard to decipher who and what breed SKEEZIX's dam really was....could have been a mixture of all of the above, Draft, Thoroughbred, Standardbred or Hambletonian as they used to be called. I did some additional research, as I was curious where K.K. Parsons came up with the name "Marovian" (as spelled in ApHC Stud Book Vol I) because I had not known about the photo of this horse at that time. My first search online was several years ago and I only came up with "A small amount of information which indicated there is a 'Marovian'" Church/Religion, and "Marovian" is connected to a college in Pennsylvania".
Recently I did an internet search on "Moravian Leopard Horse" and found a photo of a "Moravian Belguim", with a flaxen mane and tail! "Czech Moravian Belgian coldbloods (CMB) are square-bodied with a small ... "The world's largest horse was a Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme, who .... black and chestnut, there are spotted Leopard complex horses, Mohrenkopfe"! You will note "Moravian" it is spelled the way K.K. Parsons originally did. Some of these descriptions fit SKEEZIX's son BARRENDO RED's dams description.

I then went thru some of my books on different breeds. This horse is not called "Moravian or Marovian"....but certainly fits the descriptions I read about on the internet and in various notes, letters, articles, etc., I have collected over the years.

I have not done much research to find if the "Marovian Belgium" or the "Moravian Leopard Spotted" horse actually exhisted in the US during this time frame, maybe in my spare time! We do know that thousands upon thousands of draft horses were imported to the US. Numerous imported spotted circus horses carrying Draft blood also arrived in Eastern part of the US.
Maybe....just maybe... K.K. Parsons was not too far off on his story as dramatic as it may seem. K.K. Parsons, I feel was a very intelligent man, despite his questionable dealings, etc. It seems he did a "ton" of research, to lend creditability to some of his wild stories about the Appaloosa! Remember that in his day information was not at the touch of his the computer of today. I am in no way condoning his business tactics...but he certainly seems to have had a very charismatic and interesting personality! Photo of K.K. Parsons...

SKEEZIX - Progeny Report: Year Foaled - Name and Reg # - Sex - Color - Dam

1942 Barrendo Red F150; colt, wht/ch spts. Dam: Sheridane
Bred by Charles G. Bechtel, Denver, CO
Owned by K.K. Parsons for one month only (no official transfer)
Owned/Registered by Ben Johnson, Loma, CO.

1944 Chief Crazy Horse C T957; colt, wht/ch spts. = Dam not listed
Breeder not shown. Owned/Registered by Cecil A. Dobin, Colorado Springs, CO.

1946 Chipeta F510; filly, brn/wht spots. Dam: Calico
Bred by Chas. Bechtel, Littleton, CO.
Owned by Ben Johnson, Loma, CO.

1946 Leopard Boy T20; colt, wht/blk spts. Dam: Unknown
Bred by Chas. Bechtel, Littleton, CO.
Owned by E.A. Woodson, Athens, TX.

1949 Cooterville Miss Colorado T737; filly, bl ro/blk spts.
Dam: Speedy Annie Bred by Chas Bechtel, Littleton, CO.
Owned by H.J. McDole, McDade, LA.

Researched and Compiled by PM MEFFERD Pedigree!........................
Reference Material:
American Appaloosa Anthology (1999) by Palmer Wagner.
ApHC Stud Books (Vol I, Combined Vol I-III).
Complete Book of the Appaloosa, The (1975) by Jan Haddle.
Complete Appaloosa Horse Revised Edition (2002) by Jan Haddle-Davis.
International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds (1995) by Bonnie L. Hendricks.

Appaloosa News magazine.
Bit and Spur magazine.
Horse Lover's magazine.
Western Horseman magazines.
Western Livestock Journal magazines. Range Magazine (Nevada)

Direct conversations and/or electronic communications with:
Dolores Adkins (Researcher/Historian).
Ross Bradford (Researcher and Ben Johnson's longtime friend).
Sherry Byrd (Lorne Knisley's Letter and Ralph Cannon information).
Gene Carr (Former ApHC BOD, Breeder/Owner, Horse Show Judge, Historian)
Claire Johnson-Dyer (Ben Johnson's daughter).
Bonnie J Newitt (Colletor of Historical Appaloosa photos and information).
Linda Hulseman-Walker (Fred and Marie Hulseman's daughter).
Wolfe, L. Diane Wolfe on Draft Horses.

Appaloosa Internet Groups:
Appaloosa History - Fact and Fiction (FaceBook Group)
Foundation Appaloosa Breeders (aka FAB/Yahoo Group).
Horse History Corral (FaceBook Group)
Old Appaloosa Pedigrees (aka OAP/Yahoo Group).
The Appaloosa Connection (aka TAC/Yahoo Group).



Starbuck Leopard stallion
(Prince x Sis)
Bred by Amasa Davidson
Foaled 1913
Daylight - pre registry, who sired Sundance F-500
Columbine out of Orchard Belle
Sheik Jibbah - out of Columbine
Skeezix out of bay mare
Glen Edleman's Old Stormy out of a Starbuck mare of TB ancestry
Waldron Leopard - sire of Max 2, foaled 1918
Starbuck Leopard's webpage: the research done by Pat Mefferd - including an extensive group of magazine excerpts and articles here.

Sunshine Sonny Boy stallion
Cream, white flakes over rump
(? x Blondy [Murray Horse x Old Buck])
Foaled circa 1930
Source: Pat Mefferd
1. Golden Girlie F-5

desertking tavisheen

Tavisheen or Desert King
(Pharoah x So Rayna)
Foaled ----
Sire of Arab Toswirah Alkhar F-2417 (T-1150)


Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 1-70:110


Young Painter stallion

(Old Painter x black mare)
Foaled ----
Source: Appaloosa News 9-72 (article by Peckinpah)
1. Marvel's Angel F-4 1932 mare
2. White Cloud F-112 1930 stallion
3. Painter's Sheik F-884 1933 stallion
4. Kentucky Girl F-3 1931 mare
5. Model F-16 1931 stallion
6. Miracle Man F-17 1936 stallion

For other preregistry Appaloosas, see this website.



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