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Simcoe's Sarcee
Appaloosa Historical Tidbits # 1 by Lois Williams and Gretchen Linton

Lois and I wrote this short piece for the ICAA Report way back when. Charlotte Seamann had written an article on Charley W Peterson for the same issue [Summer 1999]. The information is basically from these articles.


simcoesarcee1 a youngin'

simcoesarcee2 a mature stallion


..with Charles R. Peterson

sbsimcoessarcee1634 simcoesarcee6 simcoesarcee4

The Basics:

Foaled May 30, 1955, bred by Martin Forry, Goldendale, Washington.  

He was bought by Charley W Peterson, of the Lazy F Ranch, Atkinson, Nebraska. Charley had been searching for the best stallion and found him at the National Appaloosa Show in Portland, Oregon. In case you don't recognize the name, Charley W Peterson, was the biggest breeder of Appaloosas in the world - at the time of his death in 1971, Charley had the largest herd of Appaloosas, numbering around 3,000.

Charley had Sarcee trained to show, and Sarcee proved that he was especially good at cutting, competing successfully with the quarter horses. He also did well in poles and barrels, but not in flat races.

The Peterson's entered Sarcee in the National Show at Santa Barbara, California. Charles and his wife hauled the horses, while Charley and trainer Lowell Farrell flew. The ground team was held up by interstate construction near Las Vegas, and they got to the show grounds fifteen minutes before Sarcee was to show. Sarcee turned in an excellent performance, despite not having time to warm or become accustomed to the surroundings. He was especially good in trail class, where he performed flawlessly. He won many of the events at his first National!

At one of the Peterson ranch sales, Charley was offered $50,000 for Simcoe Sarcee and General Custer T-1986. Charley declined the offer. Simcoe Sarcee remained at the Lazy F the rest of his days. He was buried on the ranch.

The Pedigree:

Sire: Sarcee's sire was Simcoe's Chinook F-1610 [x Red Eagle F-209]

Dam: His dam was Morgan's Cheetah F-1078 [to Morgan's Leopard F-437 through Leopard Cortez F-1072]

The select show record:

Sarcee won the Bearstep Kartouche award (which is/was highest honor of the halter class division) as a two year old in 1957. He was shown extensively by the Petersons'. Simcoe Sarcee was the 1960 Stock Horse Champion.

The offspring:

  Simcoe's Sarcee produced 56 ApHC registered foals. Most foals were produced between 1958 and 1973. One of his most famous sons was Simcoe's Snowy Rock, who sired racing champions. He was owned by Bill and Neva Moore's Minidoka Stables. Besides influencing the Peterson's breeding herd, several of his daughters were sold to Timberline Stock Ranch, and used in their breeding herd to good advantage. At Charley W Peterson's dispersal sale, many of Simcoe Sarcee's daughters were bought by Ed and Evelyn Weber of Money Creek Ranches. Many of these mares were given the prefix of Charlee. Bred to Money Creek stallions, and then listed for sale, many of these mares became available to other breeders. (Lucky Lucky us....)

The following list is from an ApHC stallion report.


Simcoe's Snowy Rock


Simcoe's Secoma


Golden Leopard


Weeping Water (right) and Simcoe's Weeping Willow (left).


Charlee Saree


Charlee Cheetah with a General Custer colt


Charlee Chinalee


Charlee Gneiss with Missoula Tom Tom filly


Charlee Bess


Charlee Maize


Charlee Mae


Charlee Chic

A modern day descendent of Sarcee is a black leopard filly named Willow Creek. Foaled in 2015, in Michigan, she goes 6 times to Simcoe's Sarcee in the 4th and 5th generations. Her sire WA Navajo Candy goes 5 times and her dam SH Ulrich Knightdove goes 1 time in the 4th generation. This little girl came out looking like her ancestor!

willowcreek2 willowcreek1



With her dam, SH Ulrich Knightdove.


Her sire, WA Navajo Candy.


Future plans for her include pulling her owner, Glenn, about in this awesome buggy!
Won't that make a sight to see!?


In the meantime, we are simply growing up.

willowwithdam2 willowwithdam3

With my mom

willowglenn1 willowglenn2

With my chosen human, Glenn

willowsummer willowfall

Summer into fall....


Winter! [ugh]


What, don't I get to be a kid? Sheesh, there won't be anything left to do later! Won't that be boring?? No fireworks in the future? Sniff.
[And I hear she is picking up her feet, and backing between poles - getting ready for that buggy!]

*** willowcreek3 simcoesarcee

Can you not see that I look like my great great grandpa? : )

And I can't wait to see Willow when she has shed out next spring. ~ Gretchen

Update [July 2016]- the spring/summer photos of Willow Creek arrived. She is turning into a beauty! Thank you, Glenn, for sharing her!


from both sides...


Update [August 2016] - looks like the driving education begins. She seems pretty unconcerned with it all.

willowinharness1willowinharness2 willowresting

And totally at ease...what a lucky girl.

willowcreeksaddle willowcreeksaddle2 willowcreeksaddle3

Willow wearing a saddle...suppose she has any idea what this means?

willowinharness1 willowinharness2

willowinharness willowcreekharness2

or this? Willow is the proud wearer of a beautiful harness - that will match the buggy. So neat. [September 2016]

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