Appaloosa Territory

A "Spattering" of Appaloosa Spots

I have a thing about taking close-ups of Appaloosa spots...they utterly fascinate me. What comes below is the result of my rabid admiration for spotted Appaloosa coats!

WOA Sarcee's Candy spots -
some of the biggest spots
to bless an Appaloosa hide!

NavaJo Candie spots - such rich color
- and variation

Spots that are highlighted with white rings - often these spots are 'haloed' as well.
Sort of a "Red Top" thing...
This is WOA Cheetah on the left, and Onta Nugy on the right.

A comparison of the really wild color of a roan/leopard versus a varnish roan with tiny spotting.
Money Creek's Shamiela on the left, Hydaway's Sun Vixen on the right.

"Nugget" (WOA Sarcee's Nugget, son of WOA Sarcee Olepi) has many, big, haloed, black/brown spots. Note the small tan spot in the center of the photo on the left. We were once told by an old time breeder: "All the good ones have those [spots.]" Well it seems one can find those errant tan spots on almost every leopard - whatever the base coat color....But it sure sounded good at the time.

More Nugget spots - closer up. The size of the halos on his spots,
in relation to the spot size, is awesome.

Here is Nugget showing off his "diamond" spot.
It is unusual in that it is whiter/clearer/somehow more pronounced than the white between his other spots. One other offspring of Sarcee sports this 'diamond.' Must see if I can get over and get a photo of it come spring.

This is a close up of Onta Nugy spots, the dam of 'Nugget' above.
She too has large halos on many of her spots.

Cheetah has different (hate to say unususal) spots interspersed with her 'normal' spots. They are like spots that can't decide whether to come or go. One could describe them as "roany" - except they are definitely in 'spot' areas only. Or they could be described as white spots within a spot. And/or a combo of that. Plus there is one of those super white spots which obviously overrides the regular colored spot (see photo on the left). Bottom line - just infintely fascinating.

These are both spots from daughters of WOA Sarcee Olepi. On the left is Sarcee's Cocheta, on the right is WOA Sarcess. Note that Cocheta (left) has more uniform halos on her spots.

These are spots from a blanketed horse - OBR Sunspot Pete. Beautiful!

Nugy -winter Nugy mane
"Nugy" (Onta Nugy) Appaloosa spots in winter...

Oh, did I say a fascination with spots? ... well the fascination extends to any 'purty' coat.
This is my "lucky bay" - a non-characteristic solid bay mare, WOA Taswirah.
She has the most beautiful dappling on her (summer) bay body.

End of Appaloosa Spots


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