Appaloosa Territory


Starbuck Leopard Mystery

Much has been written about the Starbuck Leopard and/or The Kid.
Researchers, Pat Mefferd being the main one, have gathered the various articles below and other information about this/these leopards.
Are they the same horse? or different ones? or? Interesting, anyway!
If anyone has additional information that they are willing to share, the 'spotted fever folk" [me included] would love to read it and post with this other great information!
Thanks, Pat, for all your efforts!

A little historical background...
View of the area known as the San Rafael Swell



Jan Davis Emailed me this in December 2002 from her online “Horse Latitudes Magazine”, May 2002 issue. It talks about Davidsons' King of the Mountain. I have not found any photos of Davidsons' King of the Mountain...PMM

This is from the Western Livestock Journal, February 1944.

starbuckwesternlivestockjlfeb44 starbuckwesternlivestockjlfeb44a

Guess it's a wonder these horses weren't all annihilated... from sheepmen to including "horsemen"!


Only known photo of the Starbuck Leopard


Retouched photo of the Starbuck Leopard, which I think was done at Frank Scripter's request.


Painting of the Starbuck Leopard by Maud Botta.

"The Truth About Starbuck Leopard" by Ben Johnson of Colorado.
Western Horseman September 1949
(I believe this is the earliest magazine article about STARBUCK LEOPARD...PMM)


"Outstanding Appaloosa Bloodlines (Third Installment - Starbuck Leopard and Solomon Figueroa)" by Robert Peckinpah.
Horse Lover's Magazine Feb/Mar 1951

horseloverfebmar51a horse loverfebmar51b

Appaloosa News May 1960
(This seems to be the very first mention of Starbuck Leopard in the Appaloosa News magazine...PMM)

anmay60a anmay60b

"Accent on Spots," by Mary P. Hare,
Appaloosa News 1969
For the complete article, go here

accentx1 accentx2 accentx3

"Preserving the Starbuck Heritage," by Mike Alvarez,
Appaloosa News 1969

starbuckan69al1 starbuckan69al2 starbuckan69al3

"A Jigsaw Puzzle In Time - The Legend of The Kid," by Mary P. Hare,
reported to be Starbuck Leopard by Arlin Davidson.
Appaloosa News January 1972...PMM


Note: Photo labeled Starbuck Leopard (top, right) is actually Daylight, a son of Starbuck Leopard.


Note....the mare shown as Blue Nellie in lower right is actually Teton T-1727.....did a spot check way back when....PMM

jigsaw3 jigsaw4

Spot, aka Teton was first registered my knowledge he did not go foundation. PMM

John Starbuck's Lepard - The Story Told In Oil" by Lorne Knisley.
Canadian Appaloosa Journal March 1972

aphcc1 aphcc2 aphcc3

Letter from Ben Johnson.
Appaloosa News, April 1972.


Excerpt from Know The Appaloosa Horse by Lee Arlandson. 1973

arlandson73 arlandsonbookcover

Lorne Knisley's contribution....from Sundance Newsletter


A Kingdom for My Horse by Vera Knisley 1988

starbuckkingdom1 starbuckkingdom2 redspotk kingdomcover

Frank Scripter on Starbuck Leopard, etc...
Letter dated Nov. 4, 1989 to Sundance News Jan. 1990.

scripterletter89a scripterletter89b scripterletter89c scripterletter89d scripterletter89e scripterletter89f

Letter from Gene Carr, published in the Sundance Newsletter, March 1990


Excerpt from "The American Leopard Horse Ranch" by Frank Scripter,
published in the Sundance Newsletter, February 1995.


"Accent on Spots - Revisited" by Mary P Hare
Sundance Newsletter March 2004

accentrevisited1 accentrevisited2 accentrevisited3 accentrevisited4 accentrevisited5

scanned from Sundance Record Book Vol I...PMM


Notes from phone call with Mary P Hare, December 2007...PMM

note1 note2 note3


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