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Stardance F-1399


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Stardance F-1399

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Stardance, F-1399
Sire: Leopard Cortez F-1072
Dam: Frosty Ann F-1336
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Foaled 1952

Bred by Lola Parks, Miles City, Montana

A Little More Info and Photos

StardanceÕs pedigree comes from very colorful roots of the early Appaloosa. His sire Leopard Cortez F-1072 was a well colored horse bred by early Appaloosa breeder Dan Morgan of Billings, Montana, and later sold into California to Viola Raibourn. Leopard Cortez was sired by the noted leopard stallion, MorganÕs Leopard F-437, bred in Wyoming by Mary Morgan, and also owned by Dan Morgan in Montana. He was later sold back into Wyoming to L.H. Mereness.

frosty ann

StardanceÕs Sundance heritage comes from his dam, Frosty Ann F- 1336, described as a red roan with light over hips and a blaze. She was bred by Phil Jenkins of Douglas, Wyoming, and owned by Lola Parks. Frosty Ann was sired by a registered Arabian stallion, out of a leopard Sundance daughter named Sundust F-1335. Sundust was bred by Otis Barber of Glenrock, Wyoming, and owned by Phil Jenkins. SundustÕs dam was Rosalie F-21, bred also by Otis Barber and owned by Merton Aldrich of Clinton, Minnesota, another early member of the ApHC.

Stardance's bloodline found its way into many well known Appaloosa breeding programs, such as the Timberline Stock Ranch owned by Ralph and Helen Brown in Broadview, Montana, and Money Creek Ranches of Houston, Minnesota owned by Ed and Evelyn Weber.

Stardance was sold to Wisconsin in 1960 to Grayce Larsen. He spent 11 years there. In 1971, the Larsens moved to the Black Hills. In 1972-1973 Stardance was leased to Dan and Mary Kee, Sand Springs, Montana. He also sired foals for John Taylor, Wolf Point, Montana. Stardance died December 1976 of heart failure, 24 1/2 years old.

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Descendants of Stardance F-1399

Lucille Dancer* T-11254 dam of 3:

23 Leopard, Lucille Dancer and foal, Gene's Rocky

Lu Mar's Star Dance 42673 sired:

Mona Lisa of HH

Mona Lisa of HH 78592

Houdini of HH (g) #38032
Sun Downer J T-38639
Mona Lisa of HH* (m) T-78592
Star Teena of HH (m) T-39222
Kandar (m) T-72810
Spring Storm HH (m) T-232358
Dawnbuster #79629
Kandance K (m) T-96291
Moondancer 85078
BeautyÕs Snowdance (m) T-541129
Flickering Flame (m) T-119719
Robins Starbright (m) T-203555
Sunspot Dawn (m) T-251796
Stardance Calypso (m) T-253232
23 Leopard* #13490 sired:

Richard's Storm

Richard's Storm 495135

BuckÕs Mojo (g) #70524

Crackerjack of HH T-71933

Smoky Bud F-4677 sired:
WeeÕs Pinky ApHCC #5060 dam of:
Misty Cat ApHCC #8962 dam of:
CJÕs Cimmaron ApHCC#31380

TaylorÕs Terpsie #19979 dam of:

Star Mist of HH (m) T-163397

Lady BÕs Stardance T-16724/ApHCC #4047 sired:

Kee's Starcheck

Kee's Starcheck 221923

KeeÕs Starcheck* #221923

KeeÕs Sunset Star (m) T-222848

Any additonal information and or photos would be most appreciated!

Pedigree of Comanche's Equal

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Ibn Hilal AHCR 2369
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