Appaloosa Territory

Appaloosa Characteristics

There are three physical characteristics, besides a coat pattern, that doth an Appaloosa make.

Appaloosa (Hoof) Stripes

Vertical hoof striping can come in a great variety of stripes as pictured below.
Striped hooves on legs that have 'traditonal' white markings, that is stockings and such, with ermine spots,
do not count as an Appaloosa characteristic as any horse could have stripes on such hooves.
And, white feet can occur for any horse with white marked legs. Hoof striping can develop as the horse ages - foals may or may not have striped feet at birth.

A fine example of Appaloosa striping. This is on a red roan mare.

Minimal striping on the hoof of a leopard mare.

Now this is striping at it's loudest. Can't miss 'em.
Note these examples are at the end of solid colored or spotted legs.

Often fewspots and or perhaps snowcap patterned Appaloosas, whose legs do not have traditional white markings,
will have feet which are white or pink, often without striping.
This is an Appaloosa characteristic: having 'white' hooves below a dark leg.


Below are several examples of Appaloosa (white) sclera...the white encircling the eye...the "human" eye.

rockyeye tahintateeye

Also note the mottling on lower lid of the leopard.

wiyannaeye furyeye cochetaeye sarceeeye

Two perfect examples of Appaloosa sclera. These are daughter-father.


Note mottling on muzzle as well as sclera.


Mottling? Yes, mottling or parti-colored skin on areas around the eyes, muzzle, anus, sheath or udder.
Shown below are varying amounts of mottling or parti colored Appaloosa skin. Mottling is, like hoof stripes, not always visible at birth, and can increase in visibility as the horse ages.

echo nose nugget mouth candy nose cheetah nose rambo nose

End of Appaloosa Characteristics

Indian Shuffle

Below are some examples of the Indian Shuffle or Amble found commonly in intensely bred Foundation Appaloosas.

Hope Sarcee shuffle Saeila Candy Chinook Cocheta Dinero Mitakoza Mahtowin Nava Sarcee ROY COLT


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