Appaloosa Territory


WOA Sarce Chinook

ApHC #483168
1989 Bay "Roan"

SA Aladdunn's Genie

WOA Sarce Chinook was sold as a yearling to Norm Dick of Michigan. He is now owned by another, but still in Michigan. I have not seen him since he left.

Pedigree of WOA Sarce Chinook

Juaquin F-801
Candy F-320
Cloud Princess F-1026
Navajo's Candy #85389
Chief Navajo F-1970
Crusty T-691
Daughter of Chief Navajo F-1970
WOA Sarcee's Candy #440668
Simcoe's Chinook F-1610
Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634
Morgan's Cheetah F-1078
Weeping Water #121193
Charlie W. Peterson mare
Leopard Cortez F-1072
Moroccan Leopard F-1472
Lady of Spain F-1471
Moroccan Leopard II-1472 #209543
Simcoe Sarcee F-1634
Weeping Water #121193
Charlie W. Peterson mare
Rocky II Leggins #335342
Appaloosa Stallion
Tew Leggins #67487
Appaloosa Mare

Photos of WOA Sarcee Chinook

Chinook and Micante
WOA Siri Micante (dam of Tika below) and WOA Sarcee Chinook.

Chinook and Rocky
Chinook at a tender age with his dam, Rocky II Leggins.

Descendants of WOA Sarce Chinook

Tika Tika Tika

Tika in 2005
Tika in 2005


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