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Sarcee's Cocheta

2000 filly


Cocheta is owned by, and was bred, Freya Phillips. Freya waited many years to get this exact bundle of beauty: Filly, Leopard, Black, Home grown! Cocheta arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Freya only knew she arrived due to a. deflated look of Foxy (Cocheta's dam) and b. a placenta in the stall. But no baby?? What?? Freya finally heard noises and discovered her semi buried in the hay stack next to the stall. She had obviously rolled out under the stall door. After such an eventful beginning, things have gone pretty smoothly ever since.

Cocheta and pasture mate in 2005. Cocheta and Sarcess (another Sarcee daughter) look so alike - especially in this photo.

Cocheta's 2005 fan club!

Cocheta and grandkids
Cocheta modeling with Freya's grandchildren. Note the kids are as spotted as Cocheta!

Cocheta and Freya

Cocheta as yearling with Freya.

The serious training begins....

Cocheta first saddling
First time being saddled.

What the heck is That on me?

Round and round we go, where we stop only she knows...

Ok, I have this down pat.

Here I am with mom, going round and round.

A shufflin' we will go, a shufflin' we will go...

A trotting, we will go, a trottin' we go..

Ok, wait up - this isn't my halter...

What IS this thing on my head?

This is boring... But hey, I can shuffle!

And I CAN go in both directions, but it's still boring.

Hey - what's goin' on now?

Ahhh, wait a minute, I dunno if I like this...let's go do that boring stuff again...

Huh, this is different. Sure you wanna ride like that? (I could have a lot of fun with ya like that...)

Uh, wait a minute, this is a little heavy now...

Hey, where'd you go? Dern flies are biting..let's see, where were we?

And we are going to do What now? I have to figure out how not to fall over here, ya know.

And this means what? I'm still trying to balance.

Ah, you want me to move a leg, like this?

Then my other legs? Like this? You want to move, then?

And like this? I can move my tail to get them dern flies, too?

Well, you know what? This isn't so bad - especially the stopping part.

Yes sir, not bad at all - especially compared to this:

Now you think you can wiggle around up there, huh?
Well gee golly whizzzz, I guess so. I don't care.

Now what do you want?

Oh! You mean don't always go straight ahead? Well, yeah, what horse would do that forever?

Hey, don't we look cool?


She said this was the end of the dressage test.
So, what's my score? (OK, so my position is not perfect...)

As a kid...

Cocheta as foal
Freya's dream child at a day old.

Getting independent already.

Cocheta showing her shuffle abilities.

Now aren't I a sight to behold? My mom (and grandma) thinks so!

Foxtail's Sunset
Here is my (real) mom: Foxtail's Sunset

Cocheta in September when Friedrich Stocker of Austria visited.

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