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OBR Constant Sorrow

ApHC, CRHA, SBC pending
2004 colt

OBR Constant Sorrow is a product of the C3 O'Bryant Ranch. Charles wanted to name a horse "ConstantSorrow" after an old Ralph Stanley Bluegrass tune, and here he is. He also came close to being called Rank Stranger but Charles thought "that" might carry an "odd stigma"... more than odd in my book - Whew! Life is tough enough.
Charles said "Drats" about his color. I said something a little more impolite. But hey, he's a healthy little (bay) bugger (and from such Loud colored parents too...) Anyone have a herd of fewspot and snowcap mares? I do believe he is for sale. Contact Charles if interested. His sire is Candy K Tahintate, his dam is Eastowest Destiny. Pedigrees of sire and dam are available at these links.

OBR Constant Sorrow 2 days
My first look at the new fella at two days old. Yup, he is sho'nuff a "little bay thing."
OBR Constant Sorrow side
Side view....still a little bay thing.
OBR Constant Sorrow lites
My, this planet is so bright. How is one supposed to see?

A week later....

Constant and Desi
Coming....(Desi and son getting some exercise.)
Desi and Constant going away
Or going... (This kid can fly...and Mom can show off)

Desi and son close up
Nice shot, Charles!
He is a cute colt even if he is a little bay thing. (Just grandma talking...)

All photos courtesy of C3 O'Bryant Ranch


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