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Micante's Hope of Bay River Appaloosas

2003 filly

Micante's Hope yearling

Micante's Hope [My Heart's Hope] is the first result of crossing a WOA Sarcee's Candy daughter, WOA Moriah , to Joecoatofmanycolor, (see him below) the leopard stallion owned by Fred and Sheila Johnson of Bay River Appaloosas in North Carolina. Hope arrived a solid little black filly and she is still a solid black filly, but she has found a home with a little girl, Avery, who appears to be the perfect friend and companion for Hope. I hope they grow up together and have many wonderful adventures together.

Hope as yearling Hope as yearling
Here are two recent photos of Hope as a long yearling. She is developing into a beautiful young lady. I can see both her dam Moriah and sire Joe in her.

Micante's Hope and Avery
Here is Hope and her new owner Avery.
They look like they enjoy each others company.
Micante's Hope
Avery and Hope Going places?
Hope as a kid
This was Hope in 2003, covered in baby fuzz, with mom Moriah in the background.

Moriah and Lauren
WOA Moriah, dam of Micante's Hope in North Carolina, spring(?) 2004.
This is Joecoatofmanycolor, the leopard stallion owned by Bay River Appaloosas, and sire of Micante's Hope.

All photos courtesy of Bay River Appaloosas or Lynn and Avery M., current owner of Hope.


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