Appaloosa Territory


J &C "Meg"

2004 filly

Meg is a product of the J&C Appaloosa Acres. Jenn and Charley brought their mare, MA's Sun Magic to see WOA Sarcee Olepi last spring, and the result is a black filly.

Hi, I'm least that is what they are calling me for now. Bet you are wondering if there are spots on my rear? Well I bet you would wonder if you hadn't seen that other picture of me above! Patience, those spots will come in time. I'm in no rush, cause neither was my mom. And she sure looks like an Appaloosa now. Dad, well he's just a show off, when he arrived his spots were already there in all their black and white glory, not to mention they were haloed at birth. Sheesh.

Magic and Meg
This is my mom, MA's Sun Magic. I bet I look a lot like her when I'm all growed up...

THE most important thing to know when you are outside with your mom...
is where the food is at all times! I'm always hungry.

Meg and Magic
I like to stay close to my mom, there are all these strange horses around...

Meg Magic and company
SEE?! Even Mom has her ears back.

Meg and mom
C'mon, Mom, let's get away from these guys.

See, if we are alone, I don't have to stick like glue to you. Wouldn't that be better?
I could get to see what the heck these yellow things are...

Oh my gosh, they STINK! Ewwww....Mom!

Well, maybe it is best for a little girl to stay close to mom.
Aren't I a sweetie?
And don't I look like Awsum? You know, his grandpa and my daddy are one and the same. How do you like them apples? Gee, guess it doesn't say much for him lettin' go of his spots to his relatives though, now does it? But like I said, be patient with me, in time I'll get some. After all, I'm a girl!

All photos courtesy of J&C Appaloosa Acres


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