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FF Candy Mitakoza

I had always thought to cross the Argentine lines of Bama Jenks with WOA Sarcee's Candy lines. I was unable to do so, but Friedrich Stocker, Double F Appaloosas, breeder of FF Candy Mitakoza, was "most successful" with this cross. From the first photo I saw of this colt, he took my breath away.
What Appaloosa perfection!

Pedigree of FF Candy Mitakoza

Candy F-320
Navajo's Candy #85389
Crusty T-691
WOA Sarcee's Candy #440668
Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634
Weeping Water #121193
Charlie W. Peterson mare

WOA Sarcee Olepi #470461
Moroccan Leopard F-1472
Moroccan Leopard II-1472 #209543
Weeping Water #121193
Rocky II Leggins #335342
Tew Leggins #67487
Ulrich's Many Coups #211687
Ulrich's Monarch #412031
Ulrich's Sioux Kay #355272
Ulrich's Kingpin #458275
Ulrich's Many Coups #211687
Ulrich's Queen Bea #382776
Buzzi Queen #189840

John's Pride And Joy #575417
Bama Jenks #42184
Pine Forest's Snow Fury #141667
Rainbow's Hinny Penny #74216
Snow Fury's Leopard Storm #183118
Bama's Tonto #51934
Night Song ID#11200
Burnside's Wa Chee Wa #26031

Candy Mitakoza Growing Up

First look at the new kid
in Austria.

First run beside mom.

What a spectacular kid!

First time under saddle, Friedrich holding.

Growing up...looks like a teenager.

Aren't I a handsome fella?

What a profile! What Spots!
He has The Look, that Presence.

Beginning Training.

What can I say? And now he is a gelding...

Candy Mitakoza in Germany...

Candy  Mitakoza

as a member of the Kopp family, which consists of Marion, pictured here with Candy Mitakoza and the pony Phoenix,...

...her husband, JŸrgen (riding Candy Mitakoza), plus 1 dog, 4 cats, and about 50 fishes, with names! (Now I am really impressed!)

Here are Marion's nieces riding Phoenix and Mitakoza. What lucky equines they are.

Marion's neice riding Mitakoza. Isn't he a handsome fella? Marion says, "Most of the time Mitakoza is outside with Phoenix, her old pony, who is educating him, and some other horse-friends. I am (until now) not interested in showing or winning tournaments. Nevertheless, I searched and found a good teacher for us both and Candy Mitakoza is very intelligent and eager to learn. We are really happy with him, because he is a really ÒcoolÓ sunnyboy."

2012 Update

All I can say is, What A Horse, What AN Appaloosa!"

Marion had the above photos professionally taken, and they are great. And then Marion said, "Did you know Candy is a little "star"? [uhhh, no] See the attachment; there is a resin model horse inspired by him and the spots are nearly identical."
And this is what I beheld:

This model was painted by Myla Pearce. Mayla says "this guy has extensive hand painting work with every spot showing delicate feathered mapping, hair whorls, multi color mane and tail, and I resculpted his hooves with soles and frogs. Also included are my hand made real metal shoes, each shoe shaped to fit each hoof individually. His pattern was inspired by the real Appaloosa, 'Candy Mitakoza'."

More examples of Myla's exquisite work can be seen at Half Fast Farms.

And now some photos from around the house, er barn... You know, Home, sweet Home!

always curious
Ok, so that's my nose... I'm always curious! What are you doing? DO you see that snow back there? It's winter here.

That's me, all of me, not just my nose.

Here's a view of our pasture - in winter --we are waaaay off in the distance. And that's our house (stable?)

See, here is our house on the inside. Nice, huh?

That's me in my house, asking where my supper is.

Oh spring, glorious spring! With all that really GREEN ice cream, or as you call it, grass. Yum!

Oh, the races we have over the ice cream fields....awesome.

And these, these are MY mares.

This is my new love, Lucia.

And this is my good buddy.

Oh, by the way, I stay outside
Oh, by the way, in case you missed it, I stay outside.

Now, my people. This is Marion giving us some treats. One of our favorite pastimes.

Here I am, joking with JŸrgen.

Marion again. Bet she has some treats here somewhere...

Oh does that feel GOOD. Thanks Marion.

UghAlways this hanky-panky
Ugh, always this hanky panky that I have to put up with. Sigh. But just look at the utter bliss and love showing on the face of my mom. Am I one lucky hoss, or what?

Here is the four of us, unusual that we are all in one picture. Usually one of us is taking the picture... mine don't turn put too well, it is hard to get my nose on the shutter button. How did this happen anyway?

with my younger nieces
Sometimes we give "pony rides" to the nieces. : )

Now, school. Yes, even I had to go...
school1 school10
school17 school18
school19 school20
school21 school2
school3 school4
school5 school6
school7 school8
Whew, is it over now?
riding instructor
This is our teacher.

Ah trailrides.... my favorite thing. You know, always-curious-me loves to see new places.
trail8 trail3
Just about the best part of trailriding!
P.S. Did you happen to notice that I am a lens louse?
The reason : Hey man, I'm Beautiful - I gots the spots!

All photos courtesy of Double F Appaloosas, Austria, Marion Kopp, Germany, and Half Fast Farms, Pennsylvania.


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