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Candy Revel Rain

ApHC #625831 - 97% FPD
July 2003 filly

Candy Revel Rain

Leslie bought OBR April Wind from C3 O'Bryant Ranch. April was bred to Candy K Tahintate, and produced Candy Revel Rain.

Candy Revel Rain
A beautiful bundle of fewspot leopard filly arrived - a jet black filly with two red parents. Wow!

Revel Rain and April

April Wind and foal

OBR April Wind and filly
OBR April Wind is a doting mom. Who wouldn't be with such a beautiful daughter?

A few months later....
April Revel and Leslie
Owner Leslie astride April. Candy Revel Rain has grown.

Candy Revel Rain Leslie and Revel Rain
All she wants to do is EAT. (Typical horse...) Does every horseperson recognize Leslie's gyrations trying to get her horse to "pose"? I surely do...been there, done that.

"mug" of Candy Revel Rain Candy Revel Rain (aka mulie)
Ohhhh, you want my nose on the camera? I can do that. How's this? Or, I can wander about with my ears flopping and look like a distant cousin... Any better?

Several months later...
Candy Revel Rain profile
OK, I'm older now, how's this? And you will have to overlook my fuzzy coat. Spring isn't here yet, not even in North Carolina.

Little ones
A not so little, little one, meets a very little one. February 2004

Candy Revel Rain2/29/04
Well here I am, just past my seventh month birthday. [February 29, 2004]
Just wait til you see me in my summer coat!

All photos courtesy of Leslie Gardner and C3 O'Bryant Ranch

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