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OBR Sunspot Snowflake

ApHC, CRHA, SBC pending
2004 filly


OBR Sunspot Snowflake is a product of the C3 O'Bryant Ranch, being Sunspot Revel bred top and bottom.
Her sire is Candy K Tahintate, her dam is Mar-C's Feather. Pedigrees of sire and dam are available at these links.

Snowflake Snowflake
Snowflake at a day (left) and at two weeks (right), showing off her one 'snowflake.".
Snowflake head
Oh, did you want to see my 'spot' close up? Pretty, isn't it?
Snowflake - learning to run
Snowflake, learning to use her legs.
Snowflake and Feather Snowflake and mom, Feather. Now, should I back into Mom and let fly? Would I get into trouble? Do ya think?

A couple of weeks later....
Snowflake Snowflake shuffle
Snowflake on the move. Am I doing the "Shuffle"? (right photo)
Snowflake and Feather
What is this dern white stuff anyway? I'm in North Carolina - what the heck is going on?

All photos courtesy of C3 O'Bryant Ranch


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