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Kline's Prince

Kline's Prince, ApHC #314689, a 1979 red roan leopard Appaloosa stallion, was bought by Roy to use on his Holy K Smoke's daughters and granddaughters. Kline's Prince was bred by Mary and Denny Godby of Hagerstown, Maryland. As it turns out, Kline's Prince was Colorado Rangerbred and Sundance F-500 bred through Sunspot Revel, although I don't think Roy bothered to register him with these associations.

Pedigree of Kline's Prince

Prince Plaudit #55156
Prince's Mac
Cheri Mac AQHA #21099
Heritage Mac #200397
Apache Lagrimas #51207
Heritage W Feather #90717
Paisano's Fleck #88685
Prince Towhee #248189
Red Sun
Red Heller #54731
Fairview Fanny #248187
Three Bars JC #65983
Sugar Bars AQHA #42606
Frontera Sugar AQHA #5731
Shug Bar Bailey AQHA #267535
Gold King Bailey AQHA #9941
Keby Bailey AQHA #62385
Keen Baby AQHA #9782
Time Will Tell Too AQHA #1086113
Skychief Bar AQHA #66329
Turf Bar AQHA #195240
Debra Lee AQHA #36170
Turf Bar's Babe AQHA #419664
Snip Reed AQHA #11495
Yellow Amber AQHA #148713
Polly's Amber AQHA #68955

More Photos of Kline's Prince


Kline's Prince in 1985

Kline's Prince in 1985, Roy Kline holding

Sons and Daughters of Kline's Prince

Kline's Blossom #371685 1982 mare
out of Joker's K Blossum #207261,
a daughter of Holy K Smoke

Smoke as foal and Tiny's Sugar

Kline's Tiny Joker in Roy's pasture.
(Please excuse the mud on her deriere.)
She is a granddaughter of Kline's Prince,
through her dam, Kline's Joker Moon #394922

Smokie at Roy's

WOA Cetan, a 1984 black leopard colt,
out of Kline's Nava Kay,
a daughter of Holy K Smoke.

Kline's Joker Moon #394922
1983 mare out of Joker's Moon Girl #142263

Smokie at Roy's

Kline's Moon Time #473937
1988 bay snowcap filly
out of Joker's Moon Girl

Ms Kline's Navajo #398263
1983 mare out of Kline's Nava Kay,
a daughter of Holy K Smoke

Sweet Sugar Miss #457788
1987 chestnut filly,
a granddaughter of Kline's Prince,
out of Ms Kline's Navajo #398263

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