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Old Painter

Foundation Appaloosas, a listing of the Foundation Appaloosas registered by the Appaloosa Horse Club...the "F" numbers.

F-1 to F-100, F-101 to F-200, F-201 to F-300, F-301 to F-400, F-401 to F-500, F-501 to F-600, F-601 to F-700, F-701 to F-800, F-801 to F-900, F-901 to F-1000,

F-1001 to F-1100, F-1101 to F-1200, F-1201 to 1300, F-1301 to F-1400 , F-1401 to F-1500, F-1501 to F-1600, F-1601 to F-1700, F-1701 to F-1800, F-1801 to F-1900 , F-1901 to F-2000,

F-2001 to F-2100, F-2101 to F-2200, F-2201 to F-2300, F-2301 to F-2400, F-2401 to F-2500, F-2501 to F-2600, F-2601 to F-2700,F-2701 to F-2800,F-2801 to F-2900,F-2901 to F-3000,

F-3001 to F-3100,F-3101 to F-3200,F-3201 to F-3300, F-3301 to F-3400, F-3401 to F-3500, F-3501 to F-3600, F-3601 to F-3700, F-3701 to F-3800, F-3801 to F-3900, F-3901 to F-4000,

F-4001 to F-4100, F-4101 to F-4200, F-4201 to F-4300, F-4301 to F-4400, F-4401 to F-4500, F-4501 to F-4600, F-4601 to F-4700, F-4701 to F-4800, F-4801 to F-4932

[text + some photos]

An Alphabetical list to Foundation Registered Appaloosas from F-1 to F-1798. (more to come...)

Lists of offspring are being added as time permits. It is not a complete list...

A special thank you to Alain for encouraging me to do this "project"!


Feather T-82 (mare) with her owner Henry Rogers
and his daughter Pat.

Tentative Appaloosas, a listing of the Tentative Registered Appaloosas of the Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow, Idaho:

T-1 to T-100, T-101 to T-200, T-201 to T-300, T-301 to T-400, T-401 to T-500, T-501 to T-600, T-601 to T-700, T-701 to T-800, T801 to T-900, T-901 to T-1000,

T-1001 to T-1100 , T-1101 to T-1200, T-1201 to T-1300, T-1301 to T-1400, T-1401 to T-1500, T-1501 to T-1600, T-1601 to T-1700 [Begin Volume IV - T-1601], T-1701 to T-1800, T-1801 to T-1900, T-1901 to T-2000,

T-2001 to T-2100, T-2101 to T-2200, T-2201 to T-2300, T-2301 to T-2400, T-2401 to T-2500, T-2501 to T-2600, T-2601 to T-2700, T-2701 to T-2800, T-2801 to T-2900, T-2901 to T-3000

T-3001 to T-3100, T-3101 to T-3200, T-3201 to T-3300, T-3301 to T-3400, T-3401 to T-3500, T-3501 to T-3600, T-3601 to T-3700, T-3701 to T-3800, T-3801 to T-3900, T-3901 to T-4000,

T-4001 to T-4100, T-4101 to T-4200, T-4201 to T-4300, T-4301 to T-4400, T-4401 to T-4500, T-4501 to T-4600, T-4601 to T-4700, T-4701 to T-4800, T-4801 to T-4900, T-4901 to T-5000,

T-5001 to T-5100, T-5101 to T-5200, T-5201 to T-5300, T-5301 to T-5400, T-5401 to T-5500, T-5501 to T-5600, T-5601 to T-5700, T-5701 to T-5800, T-5801 to T-5900, T-5901 to T-6000,

T-6001 to T-6100, T-6101 to T-6200, T-6201 to T-6300, T-6301 to T-6400, T-6401 to T-6500, T-6501 to T-6600, T-6601 to T-6700, T-6701 to T-6800, T-6801 to T-6900, T-6901 to T-7000,

T-7001 to T-7100, T-7101 to T-7200, T-7201 to T-7300, T-7301 to T-7400, T-7401 to T-7500, T-7501 to T-7600, T-7601 to T-7700, T-7701 to T-7800, T-7801 to T-7900, T-7901 to T-8000,

T-8001 to T-8100, T-8101 to T-8200, T-8201 to T-8300, T-8301 to T-8400, T-8401 to T-8500, T-8501 to T-8600, T-8601 to T-8700, T-8701 to T-8800, T-8801 to T-8900, T-8901 to T-9000

T-9001-T-9100, T-9101-T-9200, T-9201-T-9300, T-9301-T-9400, T-9401-T-9500, T-9501-T-9600, T-9601-T-9700, T-9701-T-9800, T-9801-T-9900 T-9901-T-10000 [End of Volume IV]

T-10001-T-10100, T-10101-T-10200, T-10201-T-10300, T-10301-T-10400, T-10401-T-10500, T-10501-T-10600, T-10601-T-10700, T-10701-T-10800, T-10801-T-10900, T-10901-T-11000

[text plus some photos]
(more to come...sometime)

An Alphabetical list of Tentative Registered Appaloosas from T-1 to T-1600. (more to come...)

A special thank you to Bonnie Newitt for supplying a multitude of scans for this section! [2016]


Beyond the printed studbook , an (incomplete) numerical listing of horses beyond 279999 on which I have "some" information.
Another "little"/endless project.

Any additions/contributions to the list would be appreciated.

280000-282000, 282001-283999, 284000-285999, 286000-287999, 288000-289999, 290000-291999, 292000-293999, 294000-295999, 296000-297999, 298000-300000
[January 2018]


PC Pedigree Certificate, an (incomplete) numerical listing.

Any additions/contributions to the list would be appreciated.

PC 1-1000, PC 1001-2000, PC 2001-3000, PC 3001-4000,

PC 4001-5000, PC 5001-6000, PC 6001-7000 , PC 7001-8176


Identification, a rather incomplete list from 1-17052.

Any additions/contributions to the list would be appreciated.

1-200 201-400 401-600 601-800 801-1000 1001-2000

2001-3000, 3001-4000, 4001-5000, 5001-7500, 7501-10000,

10001-13500, 13501-17052



Pre Registry Appaloosas

Bonnie Newitt shared her large collection of pre registry Appaloosa photos, which have been added.[February 2018]

Yellowstone Traveler

Colorado Rangerbreds, a numerical listing of the earliest Rangerbreds. Registration numbers:

#1-100, #101-200, #201-300, #301-400, #401-500, #501-600, #601-700, #701-800, #801-900, #901-1000,

#1001-1100, #1101-1200, #1201-1300, #1301-1400, #1401-1500, #1501-1600, #1601-1700, #1701-1800, #1801-1900, #1901-2000,

#2001-2100, #2101-2200, #2201-2300, #2301-2400, #2401-2500, #2501-2600, #2601-2700, #2701-2800, #2801-2900, #2901-3000,

#3001-3100, #3101-3200, #3201-3300, #3301-3400, #3401-3500, #3501-3600, #3601-3700, #3701-3800, #3801-3900, #3901-4000,

#4001-4100, #4101-4200, #4201-4300, #4301-4400, #4401-4500, #4501-4600, #4601-4700, #4701-4800, #4801-4900, #4901-5000

#7201-7300, #7301-7400

[text + some photos] [Am finding numerous errors in the CRHA studbook - please advise if you find any mistakes...I know I didn't notice all of them : ( ]

FYI the official website of the Colorado Ranger Horse Association .


Six Dot Rocky #76

Canadian Appaloosas, a numerical listing of the Appaloosas registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada. Registration numbers:

#1-100, #101-200, #201-300, #301-400, #401-500, #501-600, #601-700, #701-800, #801-900, #901-1000,

#1001-1100, #1101-1200, #1201-1300, #1301-1400, #1401-1500, #1501-1700, #1701-1800, #1801-1900, #1901-2000

Alphabetical Index to Canadian Appaloosas
[text + some photos]

FYI the official website of the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada.



Patchy Cinco 105572/ AAA T125

Appaloosa Exports to Australia
An alphabetical list of Appaloosas exported to Australia, mainly ApHC, but including some from Canada and Great Britain. There are approximately 300 listings, many with photos, some with a sampling of their Australian offspring. [January 2018]

FYI the official website of the AAA.



Major Alarm ApHC 173545/NZ T2

Appaloosa Exports to New Zealand
An alphabetical list of Appaloosas exported to New Zealand, mainly ApHC, but including some from Canada. [February 2018]



Falling Raindrops

Gallery of Appaloosa photos from previous decades. Photos arranged alphabetically on each page of 100 photos. Information included with each photo (as available): name, registration number, sire and dam, foaling year, source.

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 , Page 5, Page 6, Page 7 , Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 10, Page 11, Page 12, Page 13, Page 14, Page 15, Page 16.[Note: Pages 12-16 are basically Sundance 500 Appaloosas].

An alphabetical index of these photos is available.


Prince Hank

Appaloosa Paintings gallery.


East Ern Riker

Appaloosas from "Quarters"...those Appaloosa who were registered as having two American Quarter hoss parents.
Corrections/additions appreciated. [Updated January 2018]


Jr Executive

Appaloosas Coat Changes...or Not...just showing off how our Appaloosas can change their "spots" - unlike leopards! : )
Suggestions for additional horses appreciated. [April 2015]


Accent on Spots

Accent on Spots, an article written by Mary P. Hare, published originally in the Appaloosa News June 1969. This is a "must read" for leopard fanciers! Mary P updated the article in 1999(?), and her typewritten pages are presented below the original article.

Thanks to Bonnie Newitt for supplying the scans to AT.


Toby I, first National Champion

National Performance Champions of the ApHC. Currently lists 1948-1976. Includes some photos, and some complete results from early Nationals, not just the Performance Champions.[Update January 2018]


General Custer, first World Chmapion

World Performance Champions of the ApHC. Currently lists 1961-1978. Includes some photos.


Hawkeye F-3035 Premier Sire #5 - 1970

GEAR Champions - Greater Eastern Appaloosa Regional 1965-1975
Includes photos.


Tico Tornado and Ginny

Heritage Class a study of regalia used in early Appaloosa shows, utilizing win photos as published in the Appaloosa News and other sources. [photos] [January 2011]

Cheetah spots

Appaloosa Spots,
a gallery of Appaloosa spots, up close and personal. For those totally addicted to spots. [photos]

kitten hoof

Appaloosa Characteristics,
a gallery of photos detailing the three required traits or characteristics of Appaloosas, other than a coat pattern. [some text + photos]

Individual Appaloosas or Bloodlines
My thanks to Tracy Meisenbach for the production lists.


Kadoka Storm 44608
1964 gelding
Photos and text [January 2018]


Bright Eyes Brother F-3047
Additional photos or information, as always, appreciated.
[July 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


Goer 180530
Additional photos or information, as always, appreciated.
[May 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


The Executive
Additional photos or information, as always, appreciated.
[April 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


High Hand F-3366
Additional photos, as always, appreciated.
[February 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


Red Eagle's Peacock F-1476
Additional photos, as always, appreciated.
[February 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


Prince Plaudit 55156
Additional photos, as always, appreciated.
[January 2017]
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...


Whistle Britches F-2492
Additional photos, as always, appreciated.
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...
[November 2016]


Navajo Britches F-2709 F-1476
Additional photos, as always, appreciated.
This page not totally finished - more scanning to do...
[November 2016]


Joker B F-678
Additional photos always appreciated.


Peggy Davis Gilman and Sundance F-500 - the lady with rearing Sundance.
My thanks to Peggy for the sharing her story with Appaloosa Territory. Enjoy the story!


Navajo's Candy - the spots behind the Ulrich spots.


Shavano F-1679 Based on an article by Sherry Byrd that was published in the Sundance Newsletter in five parts. Several sons and grandsons, who have a long list of offspring, have been removed from the main article and have their own pages: Shavanot, Shavano Frosty's Domino, Shavano's Pride, Midas Britches, Brent Lea and Coyote's Apache.[July 2016] Update: this page now includes the complete list of direct offspring thanks to Tracy Meisenbach.


El Morrocco F-18 Research by Pat Mefferd on El Morrocco F-18 [April 2016]


Dreamfinder Article on Dreamfinder [April 2016]


Apache Double Article on Apache Double - one of the Appaloosa breed's racing greats himself, and an outstanding sire. [March 2016]


Appaloosa Tibits #1: Quanah F-706 Article written by Robert Lapp and posted here with his permission.

Suffice it to say Quanah won or placed in W. Pleasure, Nez Perce Stake race, and actual 1/4 mile races. A champion equine athlete with color and speed... Appaloosa versatility at its best.


Appaloosa Tibits #2: Revel Junior F-1728 Article written by Robert Lapp and posted here with his permission.

For many in the Appaloosa industry, seeing the name "Revel" usually brings to mind two historically well-known horses, Sunspot Revel and Caliente Revel, both premier performance horses and sires. Much has been written about them. Less frequently does one recognize a "Junior" associated with "Revel". However, without "Junior", we would have no Sunspot or Caliente, for he was the sire of Sunspot, and one of his daughters, Revel Ann, was Caliente's dam.


Appaloosa Tibits #3: Paisano F-1023 Article written by Robert Lapp and posted here with his permission.

Paisano will probably not make it to the ApHC Hall of Fame, but he was a good Appaloosa who represented the finest of "Appaloosa" at a time when our breed was just beginning to develop a foothold in the equine industry of the Eastern U.S. Mr. Camp probably put it best: "He was a gentleman who passed his manners to all of his get."


Appaloosa Tibits #4: Nansel's Chocolate Sunday #10056 Article written by Robert Lapp and posted here with his permission.

Nansels knew years earlier that they had a good the making. It started at the prestigous National Western in Denver, January 1961. Only the third year for Appaloosas at this infamous event, Chocolate Sunday won 1st place over 67 other entries in the class of Stallions Foaled in 1960. His sire was there too, Sunday Pants--who placed 5th in Aged Stallions. Denver was an equine family event that year---Chocolate Sunday's grandsire, the great eventual Hall of Famer, High Hand, won Reserve Champion Stallion. From a family of halter and performance horses, only time would tell if this halter baby would ride. And ride he did, early-on too.


Appaloosa Tibits #5: WM's Copper Dollar F-3187 Article written by Robert Lapp and posted here with his permission.

He was like the children's story about "The Little Engine That Could". Barely 14.2 before being trimmed, he was The Little Horse That "Did", did it all, often, and in a big way...


Silver Leopard CRHA 64-J King Parsons' article about Silver Leopard from the Rangerbred News [February 2016]


Colida 7681 Includes Colida's production list, photos of Colida and his offspring. Tracy Meisenbach did most of the research. [December 2015]


Starbuck Leopard Research of the Starbuck Leopard found many references. The articles/references are presented in chronological order. More or less. Pat Mefferd did the majority of the research. [September 2015]


Caliente's Baldy All I can say is, Wow , what a performance horse deluxe! Includes an article from Appaloosa News April 1977. [March 2015]


Buttons B F-1681, 1950-1976, of the Mansfields Comanche line. Includes an article from Appaloosa News December 1977. [February 2015]


Warrior Leopard F-3954 , grandson of Sundance F-500. Article from Sundance Newsletter March/April 2001. [January 2015]


Bo Mar's Jo Star , Born for the Winner's Circle. Article from Appaloosa News November 1974. [January 2015]


Randall's Silver , Builders of the Breed. Article from Appaloosa News written by Palmer Wagner. [January 2015]


Simcoe's Sarcee , one of may favorites. Charley W. Peterson, largest breeder and owner of Appaloosas in his time, was his owner for almost his entire life. [December 2014]


Tai Pan of AA, was another of those once in a lifetime horse for his owner Kathy Shaffer. A son of Whistle Britches, he lived a long life, winning his share of ribbons and siring 69 registered foals. [June 2013]

Big John

Big John's Domino, was a once in a lifetime horse for his owner Elinore. A son of Double Six Domino, he was advertised as Mr. Manners, and lived up to that his entire life. [December 2011] Updated with official list of ApHC offspring. [July 2016]


Cherokee Red Rex, F-3487
This is an article from the Appaloosa News, December 1966 [November 16, 2006]

Cherokee Sundance

Cherokee Sundance, a son of Sunspot Revel F-1904, was exported to Australia as a two year old. His story is told by his last owner, Jenny Kirkman. [February 2012]


Chief Navajo, who could be considered as the founder of two bloodlines. [March 2013]


Cojo Rojo #10535, equine star of the 1966 Marlon Brando movie, The Appaloosa. [July 2011]


Comanche's Equal another of the more famous sons of Mansfield's Comanche. This page covers Comanche's Equal and his direct offspring. [text + photos] [February 2010]


Crow F-4625
With assistance from Debera Shields, researchers Pat Mefferd and Sherry Byrd, Sharon Saare, and Shannon Weil, this article on Crow, perhaps the first Appaloosa stallion to complete the Tevis Cup, was assembled. Includes his complete production record and some photos.

Double Six Dominoindex

Double Six Domino one of the more famous sons of Mansfield's Comanche. This page covers Double Six and his direct offspring. [text + photos] [February 2010]

Hayes Progress

Hayes Progress T-3824
The Sooner Regional Appaloosa Horse Club has an article and photos about Hayes Progress, owned by Bill Conley. His sire was the Newkirk stallion, also profiled in a Sooner Newsletter, or listed here in the Old Photo section.


The Machacha F-2581 Bloodline, Valley Mist Farm, and Ronald Johnson
Mr Johnson wrote this article and has graciously allowed me to post it on Appaloosa Territory.


Mansfield's Comanche one of the most infuential sires in the early Appaloosa world. This page covers Comanche and his direct offspring. [text + photos] [January 2010] Update: Now includes his official ApHC Production list as well as several articles, and more photos of his offspring. [July 2016]


Stardance F-1399, a Sundance F-500 bred stallion. Based on an article appearing in the Sundance Newsletter. [April 2011]


Tico Tornado an exquisite example of the versatile Appaloosa if there ever was one. A show horse like we seldom see anymore, Tico Tornado won at halter, racing, pleasure, gymkhana, calf get the picture? The information and photos came from Judy Howell Lazar.

Old Painter

Outstanding Appaloosa Bloodlines by Robert Peckinpah. This article was published in the September 1972 Appaloosa News. This is about the Painter bloodline. Some additional photos added to the published article. [January 2011]


Appaloosa/Rangerbred documents from the past. Includes flyers/booklets published by the ApHC and the CRHA, as well as sale catalogs from the past.
Latest addition to the page is The Appaloosa Horse courtesy of Pat Mefferd. [August 2017]


Oxburn's Doe Boy

Argentine Appaloosas:
What I managed to learn about the Argentine Appaloosas. [text + photos] [2004-2013]


Brindabella Farms brochures. 1971 and 1985 [February 2013]

Breeders and Farms/Ranches of the Past


Les Sauer, Appaloosa breeder from the Northwest starting in the 50s and going through the 80s. Article written by Alen Bell of Yodies Appaloosas, who visited and purchased from Les in the late 80s. How Alen was able to decide which horses is mind many to choose from, so many awesome ones! Read and enjoy! [August 2015]


Dick Foster,
One of the last real ranchers: Dick Foster raised Appaloosas without outcrossing and had mighty good usin' horses. [March 15, 2006]


Frank Scripter: Lord of the Leopards:
Frank Scripter was a strong supporter of the Appaloosa. His first love was a leopard color pattern and he spent his life trying to breed them. [February 3, 2005]

Elly and Candy

Friedrich Stocker: Double F Appaloosas:
Friedrich Stocker was a foundation Appaloosa breeder in Austria. [February 23, 2005]

Roy and NavaJoCandie

Roy W. Kline
was an Appaloosa breeder for some 40 years, concluding his program in 1999. He was a man who definitely developed a liking for leopard spotted horses. He stood Al's Buster, Holy K Smoke, Kline's Prince and WOA Ramblin Candy as herd sires. [text + photos]

Roy Kline Photo Gallery:
These are photos from Roy's collection, unfortuantely most of them are unidentified. It does show a good number of the foals he did produce. [photos]

Kline's Prince

Kline's Prince, AphC, CRHA eligible, Sundance F-500 and Sunspot Revel. Roy used Prince as his main stallion after Holy K Smoke died. View his four generation pedigree and photos of some of his offspring. [photo and pedigree]

Holy K Smoke

Holy K Smoke ApHC #142205, Sundance F-500 bred.
Bred in Montana by Timberline Stock Ranch. Smoke was used by Roy Kline until his death. View his four generation pedigree and photos of some of his offspring. [photo and pedigree]

Navajo's Candy

Timberline Stock Ranch,
presenting a brief history of their program, with some photos. Timberline Stock Ranch was THE major source of leopards for the Ulrich Appaloosa program. [some text + photos] [March 23, 2004] Note: Updated November 2009 with information abouit the Timberline Dispersal Sale. [November 27, 2009]

Wild Wish Farm - Part One and Lois Williams. How I knew Lois Williams and some of her philosophy. Includes a link to Study In Black. [text + photos] [January 2011]; Wild Wish Farm - Part Two [Captioned photos] Includes her 1991 farm brochure. [April 2011-February 2012]

Cheetah spots

Appaloosa Opinions:
There has always been strong opinions concerning the Appaloosa. This is just a start! [January 26, 2005]

Current Appaloosas, Breeders or Farms/Ranches


Buckhorn Ranch Located in Colorado, Buckhorn Ranch raises fantastic Appaloosas. Enjoy your ride through their page.


Candy Mitakoza (2001 model) Conceived in Pennsylvania, born in Austria, now living in Germany and really enjoying life. There are super photos from his life. [December 2012]

Light Snow

Light Snow (2008 model), is an eighth generation descendent of Machacha F-2581 (1940 model). With assistance from Light Snow's new owner, Kayle, we will follow her story, and maybe see what the ninth generation will be. [December 2011]

Appaloosa Operations Visited


Prince Onta

Werder Appaloosas, Missouri
Home of Prince Onta and a band of mares.



Firefly Manor, Maryland
Home, at the time, to Coinage and Money Creek's Pistol Bob.

Little Tidbits of Appaloosa History


Coyote's Apache

Photos from Anpetuwi Farm, Vermont, home of Kathy Maynard and Coyote's Apache.


Warrior's Dancer

Photos from Greg Toler, Adrian, GA


FM Walkara Z

Photos from Jane Kilberg, Texas. Includes photos of FM Walkara Z, Skyline, Country Cooking, Julia Belle Swain, and BBF Spanish Roca.


Chief Barney's Tail

Tidbits 1 Composite: Strickland Appaloosas (Secret Weapon #100247 and Tumalo Windsong #170451), Tade Gleska (daughter of RH Ghengis Khan F-3204), Chief Barney's Tail, Sonny Dee James, D and J Appaloosas (D and J Stormy Morn #390509)


Candy's Gibralter

Photos from Llano Appaloosas, Llano, Texas


Gleska Tuku

Photos from Sandstone Appaloosas, Roosevelt, Utah. This page is not yet posted.

My "Extended Family"


Descendants of Wolf Oak Appaloosas by year foaled: 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2003-2005.
Sure would love to know about any I have missed!


Other Wolf Oak Appaloosas' descendants of the past decades.

End of Index


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