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Prince Plaudit was The Appaloosa who was more or less in my back I attended most of the Rimwold production sales in Strattenville, Pennsylvania. Never bought any horse, but sure did dream about it. I saw Prince Plaudit in the flesh, a couple of feet away, in a stall, behind wire, with a guard watching over him. I was looking at history at the time, and most likely that thought did not sink into my brain....but it sure does now. : )

Prince Plaudit

Going through his prolific production list, it occurs to me it was a pity he was not bred to more Appaloosa mares...I think there would have been even more "greats." It did seem odd to me that a majority [my impressions - not actual count - yet ! : )] of colts that had Appaloosa dams were gelded, but then seemed to become 'active' show horses...or maybe stallions have other things to do than be in show rings for their entire life? Still, I wonder.

Again, my thanks to Tracy Meisenbach for Prince Plaudit's production list [2017].



Prince Plaudit

Basic Info

Prince Plaudit

Sire: Red Plaudit 10191
Dam: Princess Rita ID 8372 (AQHA Appendix)
(pedigree at bottom of page)

Bred by Hank Wiescamp.
Sired 673 registered foals

National Champion Get of sire 1976

Bronze Production Plaque 1978

ApHC Hall of Fame 1988

National Grand Champion halter stallion and National Champion aged halter stallion.
Sired World and National Champions and Champion Runners
His bloodline is eligible for registration with the Colorado Ranger Horse Association (CRHA).


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Joe Daniels Barnlot - Prince Plaudit Hall of Fame page

Articles and Excerpts

The MV Dispersal Sale

This was a court sanctioned sale held in Idaho in 1974. The partnership of Carl Miles and MV Ranches was dissolved. All 161 head of horses were to be sold. There was an attendance of circa 2000 folks. The average sale price, not counting Prince Plaudit at $260,000 - but counting Prince Charles at $53,000 - was $3680. The sale price and new owners are listed in the offspring list further down this page.

Mr. Miles prefaced the sale with the following:

"All the horses must sell by court order in order to dissolve the partnership. All of these horses will be dispersed at this sale. This will include Prince Plaudit, Prince Charles and every hores that is owned by this ranch."

At first it made me feel very sad to dispose of this band of horses as they were especially bought with a lot of thought and money going into developing this special breed that we have thought so much of over the many years.

Over 20 years ago we started in the Appaloosa business with the thought in mind of trying to improve the horse. When we finally purchased Prince Plaudit, we knew we had the sire that could write some history for the Appaloosa, and at that time there was no money spared in purchasing the top broodmares in the world in order to accomplish our purpose.

So, nine years later we have accomplished many of the things we started out to do and even more than we had expected. In this short while, we have been able to build this great band of horses, and at first I felt very sad about having to sell them as there had been hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of time put into trying to raise the perfect Appaloosa horse.

Now I feel it is probably a good thing for the Appaloosa business to be able to turn all these horses loose to the people who wish to purchase them. I feel like they will go to many parts of the country and probably be distributed over the bigger part of the world where Appaloosa horses are raised. I am sure that this bloodline infused with other bloodlines will help advance the Appaloosa horse. It is always good to have an outcross and by disbanding this type of horse, it will give people across the nation an opportunity to do some crossing they have wanted to do for many years but were unable to purchase the Prince Plaudit blodline in numbers or amounts they could afford to pay.

Now I can see that I was very selfish and unrealistic to keep all of theses horses together and it is with pleasure that I will be able to see them in many other places and crossed with other good horses and see the results in the next several years. I will hope that I can stay in touch with all of the nice people that are ale to purchase theses horses just to see what happens, and it will give me great pleasure to see what people will be able to do with them.

I remember many years ago when I kept the Joker B's together that I was very selfish the same way, but after turning loose many of these horses and also a number of Prince Plaudits, I have been able to see the fine results that have been accomplished through the start I had given these horses. Many of the present Prince Plaudit owners have done a beautiful job with these horses that I have sold over the past few years. Now, the main thing people wanted were broodmares from the Prince Plaudit line. Here today they will be able to select the ones they want to cross with their good stallions. I am sure they will improve the breed as I have done in the past with this good band of broodmares, being fortunate in having a good breeding horse such as Prince Plaudit.

I have also noticed over the last few years that probably the sons of Prince Plaudit are producing as well or better than he does. This is the true mark of a stallion. Now we will be able to see what happens many years down the road when these good horses are crossed into other bloodlines, and what we think will happen is we will have a superior Appaloosa horse."

The above information is from an article in the Appaloosa News, October 1974 pp106-109.

~from: Documentation of Influential Stallions in The Appaloosa Industry Since 1960
A Thesis, Texas A and M University, December 2010 by Brandy Nicole Kines




...from the show program of the 23rd National Appaloosa Show, Huron, South Dakota 1970



Pedigree of Prince Plaudit

Juaquin F-801
Red Plaudit 10191
Wave of Eire JC
Wavy ID 9155
Plaudit mare
Gold Plaudit
Princess Rita ID 8372
Martha B

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