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Apache Double 134886



And the amazing thing about these race photos...he's always alone crossing the finish!


Apache Double at Allendale Farms


At age 27


Apache Double

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Apache Double #134886,
Sire: Double Reigh JC 512882
Dam: Run Around 26807
Bred by George Hatley
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Sire of 424 registered foals from 1975 to 1999.

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About Apache Double from various sources:


When she met George [Hatley], Iola didnÕt know a thing about horses. But George changed all that. He gave her an equine education, complete with riding lessons. The year that Iola got her pick of foals the Hatleys owned, she chose an Appaloosa colt named ÒApache Double.Ó One of the most successful Appaloosa racehorses ever, he won 18 of his 21 starts. ÒI always could tell when a horse was good,Ó remembered Iola. ÒSomething about their hips that could tell you. This horse was so calm, heÕd win a race and then go eat grass.Ó In 1973 at the Portland Meadows Sweepstakes, Apache Double ran 5 furlongs in 1 minute, 40 seconds, a record that, while tied, has yet to be beaten.

Winter was releasing her icy grip on the Palouse country of the Nez Perce in Idaho when the little Appaloosa mare Run Around gave birth to a son by the blue-blooded thoroughbred stallion Double Reigh. To also honor Run AroundÕs Hall of Fame sire, the great Apache, the new foal was named Apache Double. The year was 1969. He grew up in the birthplace of the Appaloosa breed, and over the course of his long life became a breed-shaping member of the Hall of Fame himself.


Appaloosa News June 1972

Apache Double began to rewrite the record books as a two, three and four-year-old when he won an astonishing eighteen races in twenty-one starts (with three seconds). He set an unprecedented fourteen new track and new world records in a career that has never been equaled.

When Apache Double retired from racing in 1973, his owners George and Iola Hatley offered him for sale for a then record price of $100,000. Access Adventure Director Michael Muir was twenty-one years old. He hitched his truck and trailer in California and headed north to do some horse trading.


Appaloosa News July 1972

ÒI certainly didnÕt have $100,000 in my pocket, but I had auctioned a weanling Appaloosa colt for a world record sum of $13,800, so I had some confidence, and a vision of what Apache Double could accomplish as a breeding stallion. This was going to be my lifeÕs work, and I believed that Apache Double could be an important part of the plan. I told the HatleyÕs that I would meet their price, but would need four years to make the payments. We shook hands and sealed the deal,Ó says Michael of the historic sale.

Muir brought in two partners and Apache Double was an immediate success at stud. He booked full his first four seasons and paid for himself. His very first foal became National Grand Champion Pennie Pincher. Apache Double was syndicated for a record $250,000, and his first crop to race began to set world records of their own. Over time, Apache Double became the first Appaloosa horse to sire the winners of $1,000,000. He became the first to sire the winners of $2,000,000. He led the leading sires lists year after year. When he died in 1999 at the age of thirty, Apache Double had sired 135 winners of $2,147.271, twenty-five stakes winners, twenty-six medalion winners and nine racing champions.

Apache DoubleÕs daughters became sought-after broodmares. One of these, the leopard mare Stonewall Dottie West (1982), became an important producer in the Stonewall Studbook. Her descendants include Stonewall Baby Jane (dam of the stallion Stonewall Rascal and sister to the stallion Stonewall Rebel) Subsequent generations brought Stonewall Domino, Stonewall Scarlett, Stonewall Fantasia and Stonewall Fandango. The line is alive and thriving in the Stonewall Sporthorses that serve Access Adventure today.



Appaloosa News June 1973

Lifetime: 21-18-3-0. $16,034. (Double Reigh, JC x Run Around) Bred by George Hatley of Moscow, Idaho, the late Apache Double set numerous track records, many of which still stand. In the Portland Meadows Sweepstakes on April 25, 1973, the 1969 red roan stallion ran 5 furlongs in 1:00.40. Although tied twice, this record has yet to be beaten. He claimed the titles of 1972 champion 3-year-old colt and 1973 champion 4-years-and-older colt, and in 1975, won the aged stallions bronze medallion for racing. Apache Double was a prolific and prepotent sire. In honor of his production prowess, he was depicted on the ApHC poster "Commemorating 50 Years of Versatility." Apache Double held the title of all-time leading sire of racehorses, and from 1978 through 1995, he was one of the ApHC's top 10 leading sires by money earned. Three of those years he topped that list. His get proved to be talented runners, as evidenced by their many records and awards, and track earnings of more than $2.1 million. Apache Double sired 422 registered Appaloosa foals: 209 starters, 134 winners, 25 stakes winners, 44 stakes placed, 62 register of merit earners, 26 medallion winners, nine champions, two supreme champions and four regional champions. As this issue goes to press, his get have earned $2,132,630.97.
~from ApHC

Apache was the grand-sire of legendary racehorse Apache Double, who was retired because no other horse would race against him.


Appaloosa News July 1973

Apache Double was an ApHC Bronze Medallion Race Winner. He set 14 World or Track Records. He ran 21 times with 18 firsts and 3 seconds. He won the prestigious California Derby and seven other stakes races. He was inducted into the ApHC Racing Hall of Fame. He was the first Appaloosa stallion to have sired get who have won more than $2,000,000 on the track!
~from sale ad for Apache Dancing on

"I rode all the fastest Appaloosas back in the '60s and '70s," he says. "Apache Double Ñ his feet never touched the ground Ñ he was the fastest." Indeed he was. In his three years on the track, Apache Double won 18 of 21 races and set 14 records, most of them with Courtright in the irons.

~from Apache Double's jockey, Clarence Courtright

Apache Double
Foaled: May 17, 1969
Died: October 23, 1999

George and Iola Hatley of Moscow, Idaho, bred and raised Apache Double. George expected something good to come of the mating of his Appaloosa mare Run Around, a double-bred daughter of Apache #F-730, to Washington State University's Thoroughbred stallion Double Reigh in 1968. But the Hatleys probably did not imagine that the resulting foal would have such an impact on the racing world, setting track records that would still be standing at the turn of the millennium. Among so many good things that George Hatley did for our horses, it is certain that the creation of this Appaloosa icon deserves placement near the top of the list.


Appaloosa News August 1973

During his three years on the track, Apache Double established a record of 18 wins and placed 3 times out of 21 starts (21-18-3-0), with earnings of more than $16,000, under the training of Joe King, of Idaho. It was Joe King who had manhandled the racing world a few years earlier with another "Apache" stallion, Apache King S.

In 1974, Iola Hatley sold Apache Double. Once again, he set another record, that of being the first Appaloosa to sell for $100,000.

Owner Bob Stoeven wrote an open letter to Appaloosa Breeders in 1982, where he talked about some of the mares he bred to Apache. Mares such as:

Bob Stoeven might have been telling folks that you don't need to pay $10,000 and up for broodmares if you have the right stallion matched with certain mares, no matter their cost. They did their part to write a few pages of Appaloosa racing history.

Apache Double was a bronze medallion race winner. He set 14 world or track records, three of which he still holds, such as the record for the Portland Meadows Sweepstakes on April 25, 1973, when he ran 5 furlongs in 1:00.40, which although tied, has not been beaten. At the 1975 National Show, he was Reserve National Halter Champion stallion, placing second out of 54. He won the prestigious California Derby and 7 other stakes races.

Apache Double is the first and only Appaloosa to go over the $2 million mark in winnings of his get. He is the all time leading sire of racing appaloosas. Siring 422 Appaloosas, he has produced at least 209 starters. 134 race winners, 25 stakes winners, 44 stakes placed. His offspring have earned 62 racing registers of merit, 26 bronze racing medallions, nine championships, two supreme championships and three regional championships . Passing on his versatility, Apache Double get earned 162.5 performance points, 37.5 halter points, seven registers of merit, 28 bronze medallions, one silver medallion, one versatility championship and four superior achievement certificates. Apache Double is also a Production Plaque Winner.


Appaloosa News November 1971

Some of his get:

The great Appaloosa stallion Apache Double died on October 23, 1999, at the age of 30. Ken and Barbara Arnold of Stockton, California, owned the stallion at the time of his death.

Apache Double was inducted into the ApHC Racing Hall of Fame for the year 2001.



Appaloosa News December 1971

Apache Double was a loud-colored Appaloosa who could run. He had good conformation and was Òthe most sound horse,Ó said Iola Hatley, Idaho.

Apache Double ran 21 races, won 18, was second 3 times, and earned $16,053. As a 2-year-old, he easily won the Chief Joseph Futurity by 13 lengths. Then as a 3- year-old, he won the Washington Appaloosa Derby, the Treasure Valley Derby, and the California Appaloosa Derby. With these wins, he had the most wins and most money earned in 1972. Apache Double again claimed these two titles as a 4-year-old. He was such a great race horse that Hatley was finally asked to take him home because no one would race against him. She hated to send the stallion home for fear of hurting the Appaloosa racing industry; however, she instructed trainer Jack Scott to take him home and retire him to stud.

Apache Double was the first ever to receive the Bonze Production award with 12 Bronze Medallion winners all in racing, and was the first Appaloosa sire to reach the $2 million mark through the winnings of his offspring. Two hundred ten race starters earned $2,147,271.

He was one of the first Appaloosas to be sold and syndicated for a large amount of money. Mike Hanna bought the stallion for $100,000 and moved him to California. He was syndicated again by Bob Stoven for $450,000 and again by Dixon Appaloosa Investors for $5,000 per share.

In his sire career, Apache Double had 32 race starters who gained 41 wins, 22 winners, 11 stakes winners or stakes placed horses, and 9 2-year-old winners. He did this all with only 4 foal crops and was inducted in to the Hall of Fame in 2001.

Of this stallion and his incredible career, Hatley said, ÒYou donÕt get one like him every year.Ó

~from Documentation of Influential Stallions in the Appaloosa Industry Since 1960. A Thesis by Brandy Kines. Texas A and M University

Apache Double
Appaloosa Racing Hall of Fame
Bronze Medallion Winner
Res. National Ch Halter
2nd All Time Leading Race Horse Sire
Sire of 209 Race Starters, 62 race ROMs, 26 racing Bronze Medallions, 162.5 Nat. Perf Pts, 37.5 Nat Halter Pts, 7 ROMs, 28 Bronze Medallions, 1 Versatility Ch. 4 Superiors and Production Plaque Winner


In 1995, Apache Double, one of the first Appaloosa race horses to earn a medallion, became the all-time leading sire of money earners with totals of $2,032,998.



Appaloosa News February 1973

"I have a really exciting 2-year-old stud colt in training right now named Runaround Easy", says Jack. "He is from Appaloosa-to-Appaloosa breeding, sired by Some Kinda Easy, who is a champion and also line-bred Jet Deck (AQHA). Runaround Easy is out of God Speed, an Apache Double daughter who brings in Thoroughbred sprint blood. She herself was Champion 2-year-old filly in California. We just started this colt in training and I'm very excited about his potential."

~from On The Right Track, Appaloosa Journal, June 2000

First $2 million producer in history of Appaloosa racing.
Racing Hall of Fame in 2001.
Racing career: 21 - 18-3-0 record.
1975 reserve national champion aged stallion halter out of 54 entries
Foals: 210 race starters and 134 winners

~ from The Legendary Appaloosa

And then there are the Stonewall Sport Horses/Sugarbushes... contributed by Tracy Meisenbach


Stonewall Baby Jane
granddaughter of Apache Double

Stonewall Sport Horses - So where do they come from?
Their story actually starts way back in the 70s when a young man named Michael Hanna (Muir) bought an Appaloosa stallion called Apache Double from Iola Hatley. He paid a record price for him, $100,000.00. ( he was the second horse sold for this amount, the first being Flying Star) Apache Double is the first and only Appaloosa to go over the $2 million mark in winnings of his get. HeÕs a great-grandson of Reigh Count who won the Kentucky Derby and a maternal grandson of ApHC Hall of Fame horse Apache. Along with breeding Appaloosa race horses at his Stonewall Stud Farm Michael Hanna took an interest in drafts and driving. He purchased Charlie Degas, the purebred Percheron stallion foaled in 1973, who became the foundation stallion of the Stonewall Studbook and an important influence in the development of the Stonewall Sporthorse.


Stonewall Scarlett
Great Granddaughter of Apache Double

Michael bred Charlie Degas to a daughter of Apache Double called Stonewall Dottie West [great great granddaughter of Morgan's Leopard F-437, and the main source of all those astounding SPOTS!]. This produced Stonewall Baby Jane, 23 as of this writing [2016], a big bay leopard mare, Baby Jane was later bred to Stonewall Showmaster, another purebred Percheron stallion and produced Stonewall Rascal, who is the founding stallion of the Sugarbush Harlequin Draft breed.


Stonewall Rascal, Great Grandson of Apache Double

Rascal's blood was then brought into Everett Smith's program and he was crossed on Sugarbush Felina Del Noche to produce Sugarbush Harley Quinne. Michael Muir and Everett Smith worked in concert together as both had the goal of a heavier spotted horse, with the first few generations being warm blood type and the next ones being draft.


Sugarbush Harley Quinne,
Great Great Grandson of Apache Double

About this time Michael Hanna had some serious life changes. He changed his last name to Muir in honor of his grandfatherÕs name, because it was going to die out, and he discovered he had MS. He sold his racehorses (Ocala Flight went to Australia) and started focusing more and more on driving. In an effort to bring awareness to MS he decided to drive across America with his trio of Stonewall Sport Horse mares: Stonewall Stella, Stonewall Blanche and Stonewall Scarlett (Apache Double's Great Grand Daughter). They drove from California to Florida as a unicorn hitch. It was an amazing feat and showed how truly outstanding these spotted draft crosses are.[I absolutely agree - what an outstanding feat!]


Unicorn Hitch,
Stonewall Scarlett in front
(Apache Double's Great Grand Daughter)

So to add to Apache Double's lifetime accomplishments, he is a co-founder of the American Sugarbush Harlequin Drafts.
For your info here is a history of the breed

"Apache Double" Ads from Appaloosa News

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Offspring 1975-1999

The following list (all 424!) compiled by Tracy Meisenbach, from the ApHC database.

Any additonal photos would be most appreciated!

Pedigree of Apache Double

Pedigree information from

Double Reigh JC
Better Still JC
Apache F-730
Run Around #26807
Better Still JC
Apache F-730
Cecelia TB

and complete with TB names...

apache double pedigree

Articles and Excerpts

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~from: Documentation of Influential Stallions in The Appaloosa Industry Since 1960
A Thesis, Texas A and M University, December 2010 by Brandy Nicole Kines


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