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Mansfield's Comanche F-3096

In skimming past issues of the Appaloosa News, it penetrated my conscious that the majority of the Mansfield horses were well colored Appaloosas...something that has a habit of attracting my attention. What follows is a simple presentation of Comanche bred Appaloosas.

When I started compiling the Comanche horses, I began to realize the scope of Mansfield's Comanche's influence on the Appaloosa. As it turns out, this page is just Mansfield's Comanche and his direct offspring. As time allows, his prolific sons will be added on other pages. Any contributions would be Appaloosa-ly appreciated and attributed.

Again, my thanks to Tracy Meisenbach for Mansfield's Comanche production list [2016].


Mansfield COmanche
mansfield Comanche Mansfield Comanche

Mansfield Comanche

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Mansfield's Comanche, F-3096
Sire: Dr Howard JC [U.S. Army Remount stallion]
Dam: Juanita M T-21700 [registered by J.E. Baker]
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Bred and owned by Jack Mansfield, Vega, Texas.
1988 Hall of Fame Inductee
Sire of National Champions

Mansfield's Comanche Breeder's Association was formed at some point and was still viable in 1971. It appears to be an advertising cooperative, much like the early Sundance ads. I am not aware that it evolved into a club like Sundance. Any further information on this association would be appreciated. [Other similar organizations were the Dark Cloud Breeders, the Toby Breeders, the Red Eagle Breeders.]

A Little More Info

Comanche and The Mansfield Horses by Elvin Blevins1

Jack Mansfield of Vega, Texas, is one of the oldest breeders of Appaloosa horses. Over forty years ago [1920s] he bought the Alamosa Ranch near Vega with a number of Appaloosas running on it. One day on his ranch there was foaled a promising little stud colt which he called Mansfield's Comanche, sired by Dr. Howard and out of Juanita.


Juanita, dam of Mansfield's Comanche

Little did Jack realize that this wobbly legged foal with the strikingly spotted coat was destined to become one of the all time greats of the Appaloosa world. At that time the breed was little kown and no registry had yet been formed. Mansfield's Comanche, more commonly known now to all breeders of Appaloosas as Comanche 3096, has had a great part in shaping the destiny of the Appaloosa horse.

Comanche lived his entire life on the Alamosa Ranch. His life was most useful and productive for his only owner, Jack Mansfield. In the fall of 1959 he was struck by lightning at the ripe old age of 26. However, his name will never be forgotten, for his many sons and daughters and their offspring live to carry on the Comanche bloodline. This bloodline has been heavily evidenced in the show ring in both halter and working classes.

[This article finished with a list of selected sons and daughters, and who they produced. This information is incorporated in the production list below.]

Appaloosa News 2

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Appaloosa News 3


Appaloosa Journal 4


There is an excellent, collaborative article on Comanche at Joe Daniel's Barnlot. Among the information presented, is the discrepancy of whether Mansfield's Comanche was ever trained and the cause of his death.

Some Recent Publicity


From the Quarter Horse News - an article titled Appaloosas on the Spot , contributed by Stephanie Duquette, that shines a spotlight on Mansfield's Comanche:

The Reined Cow Horses

The Dobler's has been involved with Appaloosas for more than two decades, and gained notoriety with their stallion High Sign Nugget, Canada's top producer of Appaloosa cutting, reining and working cow horses. Purchased as a 2-year-old, the white horse with a few black spots was intended to be Dobler's non-pro gelding. But when he went to famed Canadian trainer Les Timmons' barn to prepare for the cutting futurities, Timmons advised leaving the stallion intact. "Les said he was one of the best horses he ever trained. Like a sponge, he said," Dobler recalled.


High Sign Nugget

Fortunately for his offspring, High Sign Nugget, or Spot, was spared the veterinarian's scalpel. Foals by the now 21-year-old stallion have won nine ApHC World Championships, three Reserve World Championships, 15 Canadian Supreme Futurity/Derby Championships, 10 Canadian Supreme Futurity/Derby Reserve Championships, an ApRHA Reining Futurity Championship and two Reserve Championships.

A perfect example is the High Sign Nugget son named YOR High Noon. Roger and Vicki Johnson of Saskatchewan purchased YOR High Noon from Dobler, before the colt was weaned from his dam, the Canadian Supreme Hall of Fame Appaloosa mare S/W Red Velvet.

YOR High Noon

YOR High Noon

"He taught me more than I taught him," Roger said. "There was lots of raw talent there, and I wish I would have had more experience myself." Despite being relative newcomers to the show pen, Roger showed High Noon to multiple championships in working cow horse, reining and cutting.

"As far as a trainable mind and a willing attitude and fearlessness, I don't think you could find a horse to compare. He's very mellow. When you put the saddle on him, he just knows, this is time to go to work," Vicki said.

YOR High Noon, now 14, is the only son of High Sign Nugget to produce an ApHC World Champion reiner. He has sired foals that excel not only in reining and cow horse, but also jumping, pleasure, halter and gymkhana - demonstrating the Appaloosa's signature versatility. The Johnsons point out that High Noon has close to 88 percent Appaloosa blood, representing a tight linebreeding program based on one of High Noon's ancestors, a stallion named Mansfield Comanche.

"It's an unbroken chain of these horses from an intensely linebred Mansfield Comanche sire called High Spot. High Noon represents the current application of these. They're just as consistent as the day is long. I think it is actually due to the linebreeding," Vicki Johnson said.


[So how's that for a compliment of Mansfield's Comanche?]


The following list compiled from ApHC Production List, Appaloosa News' article by Elvin Blevins1, the barnlot by Joe Daniels, and probably

Note: Lucine is a full sister to Juanita M.

MC's band

Mansfield's Comanche (right) with his band of broodmares


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Pedigree of Mansfield Comanche

Pedigree information from

Hindoo 1878
Hanover 1884
Bourbon Belle 1869
Handsel 1895
Peter 1876
Tarantella 1885
Gentle Zitella 1874
Dr Howard JC 1918
Knight of Ellerslie 1881
Henry of Navarre 1891
Moss Rose
Grace Navarre 1909
Hanover 1884
ESJ 1894
Clover 1888
Little Joe
Pancho Villa
Cortez (Appaloosa)
Maria (Appaloosa)
Juanita M T-21279
Jose (Appaloosa)
Senorita (Appaloosa)
Chiquita (Appaloosa)
Lucky Strike

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