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Double Six Domino F-2646


Double Six Domino

Double Six Domino

Basic Info

ApHC Studbook data:
Double Six Domino, F-2646 (T-679)
Sire: Mansfield's Comanche F-3096
Dam: Susan
(pedigree at bottom of page)
Bred by Jack Mansfield, Vega, Texas.
Sired 246 registered foals
Inducted into the ApHC Hall of Fame 1988
Sire of Bronze Medallion winners
1970 National Champion Get of Sire

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A Little More Info and Photos

Double Six Domino began his life on Jack Mansfield's Alamosa Ranch in Texas, known simply as Domino. By 1955 he had changed hands several times, currently owned by Elvin Blevins. Harmon Scales visited Blevins' Beau Cheval Ranch. Even though Domino was in bad shape from a battle with Buttons B, Scales purchased Domino and took him to Texas. Scales registered him as Double Six Domino F-2646.

The battle with Buttons B caused him fertility problems, which lessened over time. He was used exclusively as a sire, a trend that continued with every owner of Double Six Domino. Even without a show record, Domino won awards and gained titles. He placed in the top five Get Of Sire classes at the National show in 1960, 1962, 1964, and top honors in 1959 and 1970.

In 1971, a year after his Get of Sire triumph at the National Show, Double Six Domino died quietly at a ranch in Florida at the age of 28.

Double Six was never ridden or shown by any of his owners. He was still one of the most popular sires of his time. Double Six was inducted into the Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame in 1988.

There is an Appaloosa Journal article on Double Six Domino at Joe Daniel's Barnlot.1

The Appaloosa Museum on-line has a page devoted to Double Six Domino.2

A write up on Double Six Domino here .3

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The following (incomplete) list compiled from Appaloosa News and Appaloosa Journal issues, and those marked with a "^" came from


He sired nearly 250 registered Appaloosa foals. They were racehorses, halter champions and performance horses. Domino earned a place in the top 50 Appaloosa race sires. His get earned over $20,000 at the track.

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Pedigree of Double Six Domino

Pedigree information from

Hanover 1884
Handsel 1895
Tarantella 1885
Dr Howard JC 1918
Henry of Navarre 1891
Grace Navarre 1909
ESJ 1894
Mansfield's Comanche F-3096
Pancho Villa
Cortez (Appaloosa)
Maria (Appaloosa)
Juanita M T221279
Jose (Appaloosa)
Senorita (Appaloosa)
Chiquita (Appaloosa)
Handsel 1895
Dr Howard JC 1918
Grace Navarre 1909
Mansfield's Comanche F-3096
Juanita M T-21279

*Lucine is a full sister to Juanita M.

Articles and Excerpts

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