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Navajo Britches F-2709

In skimming past issues of the Appaloosa News, it penetrated my conscious that the majority of the Mansfield horses were well colored Appaloosas...something that has a habit of attracting my attention. What follows is a simple presentation of another of the Comanche bred Appaloosas.

When I started compiling the Comanche horses, I began to realize the scope of Mansfield's Comanche's influence on the Appaloosa. As time allows, his prolific sons and other grandget will be added on other pages.

Navajo Britches is a great great grandson.

Any contributions would be Appaloosa-ly appreciated and attributed.

Again, my thanks to Tracy Meisenbach for Navajo Britches' production list [2016].



Navajo Britches

Basic Info

Navajo Britches
T-1474 to F-2709
Sire: Whistle Britches F-2492
Dam: Trammel's Rusty AQ
(pedigree at bottom of page)
1958 National Grand Champion halter stallion and National Champion aged halter stallion.
Sired World and National Champions and Champion Runners
His bloodline is eligible for registration with the Colorado Ranger Horse Association (CRHA).
Bred by Ned Smith, O'Donnell, Texas.


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Appaloosa News January 1973 p49



Pedigree of Navajo Britches

Dr Howard JC
Mansfield's Comanche F=3096
Juanita M #21700
Appaloosa News3-83:”JE Baker acquired her and applied for papers in 1962. She died the same year at 31. JE said “not what you would call a gentle mare; you could not trim her feet and she was barely broke to lead”.
Double Six Domino
1959 and 1970 National Champion Get of Sire
Mansfield's Comanche [?]
Susan - daughter of Mansfield's Comanche
Lucine [?]
Whistle Britches
F-2492/CRHA nr
One Eyed Waggoner
Cooterville Chicken
T-498 (1943)
Freckles H
F-2319/CRHA nr
1959 National Champion produce of dam
Dixon's Dunnie or Dunnie Dixon [?] AQ
Trammel's Rusty AQHA

Mansfield's Comanche Breeder's Association was formed at some point and was still viable in 1971. It appears to be an advertising cooperative, much like the early Sundance ads. I am not aware that it evolved into a club like Sundance. Any further information on this association would be appreciated. [Other similar organizations were the Dark Cloud Breeders, the Toby Breeders, the Red Eagle Breeders.]

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