Appaloosa Territory


Appaloosa photos from the past

2HM's Mister

2HM's Mister
Sorrel, blanket
(Mr Messenger F-3824 x 2HM's Papoose T-4188)
Foaled 1962

A Hawk's Firebell

A Hawk's Firebell

Absarokee's Mark

Absarokee's Mark stallion
Foaled 1965

Ace O Diamonds

Ace O Diamonds
Foaled 1959
Owned by LG Hooper, Plainview, Texas

Ace's Hands Up

Ace's Hands Up
Roan, spots over body and hips
(Hands Up F-2217 x Appaloosa)
Reference Appaloosa News 3-70:91, 4-65:83

Ahawanee Bar

Ahawanee Bar
(Mid Bar AQHA x d of Red Dog P-55)
Source:Appaloosa News 2-66:18, 12-65:37

Angel Wings

Angel Wings mare
(Carbine's Target of AA 48900 x Robert's Angel 13588)
Source/Mention: TwinCities Fall 00:173

Apache Chip

Apache Chip
(Apache F-730 x Apache Buck 7782)
Foaled 1962
Sources: Appaloosa News 2-70:101, 1-65:101

Apache Girl

Apache Girl mare
Foaled 1959
Source: Appaloosa News May 61:43

Apache Samantha

Apache Samantha mare
Foaled 1964

Appache Magic

Appache Magic mare
(Stevie Boy 18793 x ?)
Source: Appaloosa News 1-70:34

Appy Joe

Appy Joe
Foaled 1958

Arboledo Medicine Joe

Arboledo's Medicine Joe
(Arboledo Joe F-3706 x Red Hand T-2983)
Foaled 1964

Arboledo Princess

Arboledo Princess mare
Folaed 1960
Source: Appaloosa News Jun’62:44, 1-63:21


Attila stallion
(Chief Chelsea F-2154 x Madonna Dubois 32049)
Source: Appaloosa News 4-70:71, 5-70:103, Jan-Feb’59:4

Baby Doll

Baby Doll (probably a partial name)

Bald Eagle W

Bald Eagle W stallion
Source Appaloosa News Jan-Feb’59:24

Baldwin's Spotted Banner

Baldwin's Spotted Banner stallion

Baldy Rex

Baldy Rex stallion
(Chicago F-4107 x ?)
Appaloosa News Nov’61:61

Bar M Zeke

Bar M Zeke gelding
Source Appaloosa News 11-65:77

Bay Lady

Bay Lady mare

Beaded Moccasin Beaded Moccasin

Beaded Moccasin
Source Appaloosa News 1-66:70/82, 1-65:92, 7-65:62, 8-65:77, 11-65:69, 12-65:75, Apr’61:37, 5-61:38, 12-61:9, 5-73:43, Nov’60:41, Jan’62:51, Mar:63

Beau Kay

Beau Kay mare
(Buttons B F-1681 x Lady AQHA)
Foaled 1958
Source: Appaloosa News 2-70:103, Dec’61:38

Beau Ne Vo

Beau Ne Vo stallion
(Quavo B F-2404 x ?)
Foaled 1960
Source: Appaloosa News Dec’61:21

Beau Rojo II

Beau Rojo II
(Beau Cheno 98251 x Beau Leah 84826)
Foaled 1974
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 124

Becky Adair

Becky Adair mare
Foaled 1957
Source: Appaloosa News Oct’60:38,51, Oct’61:52

Becon Bill

Becon Bill stallion
(Wrangler Bill 5958 x Sunde F-2899)
Foaled 1964
Source: Appaloosa News 7-65:51

Ben Hur

Ben Hur stallion
Foaled 1958
Source: Appaloosa News Sep60:42, Oct60:34, Apr61:9, Feb62:30

Billie Joe Freckles

Billie Joe Freckles stallion
(Billy Freckles x Springer Bonanza)
Source Appaloosa News 1-70:34

Blister Britches

Blister Britches
Source: Appaloosa News 1-65:52

Blue Bar's Hand

Blue Bar's Hand

(Bird Call AQHA 350222 x Brite Eyes ID 2506)
Foaled 1971
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 81

Blue Moon K

Blue Moon K
Source: Appaloosa News Nov61:54

Bo Ridge

Bo Ridge

Bo's Gentleman Jim Bo's Gentleman Jim

Bo's Gentleman Jim gelding

Boka Cheta

Boka Cheta mare
Foaled 1958
Source: Appaloosa News Mar61:44

Bonanza Bill

Bonanza Bill
(Dude Dandy Jr F-1216 x Lady Cherokee F-3197)
Source: Appaloosa News Jan61:34

Bonanza Britches

Bonanza Britches
(Whistle Britches F-2492 x Panthea F-4750)
Foaled 1962
Source: Appaloosa News 6-75:21, 9-63:38

Bonita Babe

Bonita Babe mare
Source: Appaloosa News N-D 57:18

Booger Chief

Booger Chief
(Flying Sargent F-2098 x Furry's Babe McCue AQHA 13019)
Foaled 1958
Source: Appaloosa News 1-70:112, 3-70:13, 1-65:30, 4-65:94, 5-65:109/116, 1-66:13(ped), 9-65:45, Mar’61:21,41, Dec61:32

Bright Stinger

Bright Stinger
(Perriwinkle 115800 x Tewa's Sweetheart 81850
Folaed 1973
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 26

Bubson of AA

Bubson of AA stallion
(Bub F-1293 x Candy of AA ID 1694)
Source Appaloosa News Nov-Dec59:3, Sep60:39,41(herd) Nov 60:46, Dec:3(Double A article),43, Apr61:41, Aug61:41, Oct:32, Nov61:56, Feb62:40

Bubsonata of AA

Bubsonata of AA mare
Reference Appaloosa News 1-65:106

Buddy Brown M

Buddy Brown M
Source Appaloosa News Jul-Aug58:13, AN Oct61:52

Bunge Compur Candy

Bunge Compur Candy (Bunge's Compeer Candy) mare
Source: Appaloosa News 1-65:106, 1-66:80, 11-65:82, 9-65:106

Bush Brush

Bush Brush stallion
Foaled 1957
Source Appaloosa News N-D 57:18

Buster Q

Buster Q stallion
Source: Appaloosa News 1-65:106, 8-65:82, 9-65:92, Aug61:41, Feb62:58

Buttonwoods Appy Go Lucky

Buttonwoods Appy Go Lucky gelding

Buzzie Heart

Buzzie Heart
Source: Appaloosa News 11-75:94

Calico Topsy

Calico Topsy mare
Foaled 1960
Source: Appaloosa News Apr61:41

Captain Barry

Captain Barry
Foaled 1958
Source Appaloosa News May-Jun’60:54, Jul60:35, Aug61:33, Sep61:51, Feb62:54

Carbine of AA

Carbine of AA stallion
(Snowman F-1641 x Geist's Cowgirl AQHA)
Source: Appaloosa News 2-66:60, 8-65:79, Apr61:41, Feb62:40

Carey's Cricket

Carey's Cricket mare
(Como JC x Susie Q [F-1973 per Pat Mefferd])
Source: Appaloosa News 2-76:230, 7/8-57:9

Carey's Little Chief Carey's Little Chief

Carey's Little Chief
Source: Appaloosa News Sep-Oct58:3, Mar-Apr59:20, Mar-Apr59:20, Jul61:30, 7-60:48

Carey's Snow Shadow

Carey's Snow Shadow mare
Foaled 1956
Source Appaloosa News Nov-Dec58:26, Jan-Feb59:1, J-F60:49, Mar62:58

Chatawa Chief Tewa

Chatawa Chief Tewa
Source: Appaloosa News 2-61:20, Jun61:40, Sep61:21/31, Dec61:28, Jan62:14, Apr62:26

Chee Chee

Chee Chee
Source Appaloosa News Nov-Dec58:7

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek
Source: Appaloosa News Oct61:34, Dec61:28

Chico's IV

Chico's IV mare
(Chico's Snowcap Jr F-4153 x ?)
Source Appaloosa News 9-65:42

Chico's Chuck A Luck

Chico's Chuck A Luck gelding
Source Appaloosa News Oct60:34, Nov61:57, Palmer Wagner p.105

Chief Lawyer Diamond Joe

Chief Lawyer's Diamond Joe gelding
Source Appaloosa News 7-61:26

Chief Malheur's Pride

Chief Malheur's Pride gelding
Source Appaloosa News Oct61:23, Mar62:56

Chief Montana J Chief Montana J

Chief Montana J
Source Appaloosa News 11-70:91, 6-65:14, 1-66:92, 8-65:7, Sep60:34,37, May61:34, Sep61:34, Nov61:49/58, Mar62:27

Chief of Fourmiles Nugget Chief of Fourmiles Nugget

Chief of Fourmiles Nugget mare
(Chief of Fourmile F-2219 x Texanna)
Source CPAA Newsletter 12-77

Chief Patrick

Chief Patrick stallion
Source Appaloosa News Sep61:40

Chief Pontiac

Chief Pontiac stallion

Chief Quanah

Chief Quanah

Chief Thunderbird

Chief Thunderbird gelding
Source Appaloosa News Sep61:48

Chief Top Horse

Chief Top Horse

China Cha Cook

China Cha Cook
Source Appaloosa News Feb62:41

Chinook's Cochise

Chinook's Cochise stallion
(Simcoe's Chinook F-1610 x ?)
Source Appaloosa News 6-65:59, Western Horsemen 8-64:95

Chinook's Duke

Chinook's Duke stallion
Foaled 1958
Source Appaloosa News Nov-Dec59:34

Chinook's Star Dust

Chinook's Star Dust mare
(Simcoe's Chinook F-1610 x Lady)
Foaled 1956
Source Appaloosa News 7-61:22

Chinook's Will Do

Chinook's Will Do
(Simcoe's Chinook F-1610 x Lou's Little Sister AQHA)
Foaled 1959
Source Appaloosa News 7-61:22

Chippewa Chief

Chippewa Chief stallion
Source Appaloosa News Jan-Feb59:4, Oct61:47

Chippewa Chuck

Chippewa Chuck
Source Appaloosa News Jan-Feb59:4, Oct61:47

Chub's Sirius

Chub's Sirius stallion
Source Appaloosa News 4-66:55

Chug McCue

Chug McCue stallion
(Matt McCue AQHA P-7784 x Frost's Polka Dot F-821)
Source Appaloosa News Jul60:48, Feb61:22, Apr61:40, Oct61:44/45, Mar62:61, Oct60:28, Jul61:40, 11-61:46, 4-73:138(ped)

CJF Monty

CJF Monty

Cochise Eagle Wing

Cochise Eagle Wing stallion
(Chinook's Cochise T-2027 x Bonnie V JC)
Source Appaloosa News 6-65:59, Western Horsemen 8-64:95

Cody Joe

Cody Joe stallion
Source Appaloosa News 4-66:55

Comanche's Babe

Comanche's Babe mare
Source Appaloosa News Jul61:32

Coon Dog

Coon Dog gelding
Source Appaloosa News 12-65:76

Cooterville Red Bus

Cooterville Red Bus
Foaled 1957
Source Appaloosa News Oct60:42, Jan61:59,63, Sep61:50, N-D59:23

Copper Head

Copper Head stallion
Reference Appaloosa News Jul-Aug59:26, Mar-Apr60:3, Feb61:22, Oct61:22/23, Jan62:49, 11-65:66

Council Chief

Council Chief stallion
Reference Appaloosa News 6-65:37/80, 12-65:70

Count Down

Count Down stallion
Source Appaloosa News May62:62

Crickett's Pow Wow

Crickett's Pow Wow stallion
(Bryant's Apache Boy F-3551 x Bryant's Apache Queen F-3435)
Foaled 1962
Source Appaloosa News 1-70:34, 5-65:107

Custer's Best Stand

Custer's Best Stand stallion
Foaled 1963
Source Appaloosa News 1-65:116, 4-65:87, 5-65:104, 11-65:37

Dandy II

Dandy II
(Han D's Dandy 43574 x Raindrop's Jokerette 17975)
Foaled 1976
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 50

Han D's Dandy

Han D's Dandy stallion
(Han D Echo 6977 x Rider's Streak)
Foaled 1964
Sources: Appaloosa News 1-65:116, 1-66:75, Ada Fall76, Appaloosa News 3-73:36(ped), 4-73:114, 7-73:3, 8-73:9

High Spot's Luck

High Spot's Luck

(Ghost Spot 45634 x Tewa's Sweetheart 81580)
Foaled 1971
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 24

King So Big Doll

King So Big Doll
(Cooterville Peso F-3455 x So Big's Doll AQHA 214371)
Foaled 1967
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 113

Little Charm of AA

Little Charm of AA mare
Foaled 1957
Source: Appaloosa News Nov-Dec’59:21, Jan-Feb60:43, Mar-Apr60:36

Mr Kantuck

Mr Kantuck
(JC x Appaloosa)
Foaled 1972
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 25

Rio Dinero

Rio Dinero stallion
17748, CRHA 259-Z
( Caribou Gold Jr AQHA x Imboden's Frosty F-1963)
Foaled June 7, 1960
Sources: Appaloosa News 10-65:59, Jan’62:16, Feb62:13, Mar62:15


Samsonite stallion
(Justasample x ? )
Source: 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale

Sonny Bar Plaudit

Sonny Bar Plaudit stallion
(Bar Plaudit 155049 x Sam's Joy AQHA ID-7240)
Foaled 1974
Source Appaloosa News 1-76:115, 1-75:120/183, Ada Fall76:#74, Appaloosa News 12-75:73/103

Starr Jet

Starr Jet
(Red Roan Tony AQHA 402544 x Flying Julie 148949)
Foaled 1974
1976 Canadian National Grand Champion Stallion
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 22

Sunburst Meldoy

Sunburst Melody mare
183766 Dun blanket
(Apache Gunsmoke 136901 x Princess F-3865)
Foaled 1973
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 85

Ta Weh

Ta Weh mare
(Held's Blue Rocket F-1007 x Ka Wey F-2152)
Foaled 1955
Source: Appaloosa News 7/8-57:9

Tejas Punto
White, black spots over hips
(Choya F-1951 x ?)
Sources: Appaloosa News Mar-Apr’58:9, Sep-Oct58:6, Nov-Dec58:8,
Mar-Apr’60:68,May-Jun60:54,Jul60:36, Jan’61:7(article), Aug61:32, Feb’62:49

Waggoner's Rawhide

Waggoner's Rawhide
(Ed Waggoner AQHA 272834 x Miss Rawhide 38779)
Foaled 1975
Presented for sale at 1976 Ada Appaloosa Sale: Lot 70