Appaloosa Territory


Appaloosa photos from the past

5S Hankie Panky

5S Hankie Panky
Foaled 1973
Source Appaloosa News 10-73:15

23 Leopard 23 Leopard 23 Leopard

23 Leopard
(Stardance F-1399 x 23 Bay Ann ID 4455)

A Matchless Glow

A Matchless Glow stallion
(Bright Glow 82037 x Painted Lady F-3034)
Source: Western Horsemen Acomb ad 1968

AF Pisko Hunka

AF Pisko Hunka stallion
(Coyote's Apache 199680 x Scottish Dancer 289054)
Foaled 1990-2009(?)

Adams He'll Do

Adams He'll Do stallion
(Cherokee A F-2847 x Norella T-2940)
Source Appaloosa News 10-65:42, Western Horsemen 1-66:76

Anpetuwi's Mabtola

Anpetuwi's Mabtola


Bandido stallion
(Golden King T-3917 x Comanche Nell AQHA 38691)
Foaled 1956? - 1978
Source Appaloosa New 4-81:78

Ben's Warpaint

Ben's Warpaint

Billy Tom

Billy Tom
(Rustler Bill F-3372 x Blue's Meldoy AQHA 50318)
Source Appaloosa News 9-70:63, JanÕ61:55, Western Horsemen 1-66:76, Ada Fall76:#86,

Black Sun

Black Sun

Bo Mar's Gem

Bo Mar's Gem
(Warrior Leopard F-3954 x Dusty QH)
Source Appaloosa News 2-73:134

Bo Mars Little Lightning

Bo Mar's Little Lightning stallion

Bo Mars Little Talk

Bo Mar's Little Talk mare

Bonnie Bright Lad

Bonnie Bright Lad stallion
(Bright Eyed Pilgrim x ---)
Source Appaloosa News 5-73:55

Bright Tribute

Bright Tribute stallion
(Bright Eyes Brother F-3047 x McCardo Willie Reese AQHA)
Foaled 1971
Source Spotted Horse 1-78:20, 4-78:17, Appaloosa Journal/Newsl 1-82:115, 11-81:80, 6-81:10, 1-76:71, 3-75:139, 5-75:136, 9-75:14, 7-73:74, 10-73:15, 11-73:75

Candeuca of AA

Candeuca of AA mare

Candyspot Revel Candyspot Revel

Candyspot Revel mare
(Sunspot Revel F-1904 x ---)
Foaled 1966

Carolina Sunlight

Carolina Sunlight mare

Carolina Sunscott Carolina Sunscott

Carolina Sunscott

Carrie's Kiva

Carrie's Kiva stallion
(Sunflight Reed 153542 x Honey Dew Glow 215389)
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:64,65, Sundance NL 7-77:C, 2-82:25, 4-82:8

Cason's Ozark Lady

Carson's Ozark Lady
(Rainbow Rex 199809 [below] x Kilo Helena [below])

Charlee Saree

Charlee Saree mare
(Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634 x ---)

Commanche Pepper

Commanche Pepper
(Leopard Comanche 19738 x Gini D)
Foaled 1969
Source BBF-71#55

Comanche Sun Comanche Sun

Commanche Sun
(Sunspot Revel F-1904 x Sea Invasion ASHBA 54701)
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:64, 5-70:56, 2-76:158, 2-75:170, Sundance NL 1-82:5, 27

Copper Penny

Copper Penny

Daddy O Daddy O

Daddy O stallion

David M's Flush

David M's Flush
(Burnside's David M 20411 x Jodie DWS 33135)
Foaled 1966

Chief Chelstar

Domino's Red Dog stallion
(Double Six Domino F-2646 x Shug Mc (?) AQHA P-33213)
Foaled 1963
Source Appaloosa News 1-70:83, 7-70:70, 9-70:104, 2-65:83, 1-66:8, 2-66:8, 2-75:226, 1-70:68, 2-73:147, 4-73:142, Western Horsemen 1-66:76

Fairiam Lady Star

Fairiam Lady Star

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale
Source: Sundance NL3-74

Fieldman T

Fieldman T
(Mansfield Comanche F-3096 x ---)
Source Western Horsemen 1-66:76

Fly High

Fly High

Gun Hand

Gun Hand stallion
Source Western Horsemen 6-65:94

HMH Black Magic Woman

HMH Black Magic Woman mare
(Neemeepoo's Chataqua 563437 x HMH Snow Leopard 561888)
Foaled 2004-2009

Hi Voltage Hi Voltage

Hi Voltage
(High Stake x ---)
Mansfield Comanche bred
Source Appaloosa News 2-65:92, 4-65:21, 5-65:71, Western Horsemen 6-65:94, 1973 Appaloosa Yearbook

Honey Bee B

Honey Bee B mare
(Kelly's Sonny Boy x Honey Chile)
Source Western Horsemen 1968 Acomb ad for a May sale.

Ikie's Funny Face Ikie's Funny Face

Ikie's Funny Face
(Sunspot Revel F-1904 x 5L Tonka Princess 18493)
Source: Appaloosa Journal 1-97:240

Irish Luck

Irish Luck
(Caesar F-813 x Cutie Sweet JC471001)
Source: Appaloosa News 4-70:91, 1-65:90, 3-66:45, 9-65:41/54(article)

Jo Lowe Jo Lowe

Jo Lowe stallion

Joe's Sun Joe's Sun

Joe's Sun

Joker's Moon Girl Joker's Moon Girl

Joker's Moon Girl mare
(Joker's K Moon 65672 x Pipestone Call Girl 92538)
Source ApHC papers
Note: Moon Girl used in Roy W. Kline's breeding program.

Kathy Patch

Kathy Patch

Kilo Helena

Kilo Helena mare

Lariwood's Decoration Lariwood's Decoration

Lariwood's Decoration stallion
Source: SDNL 11-76:8

Leopard Comanche

Leopard (Leopard's) Comanche stallion
(Black Leopard F-1569 x Tomahawk)
Source BBF-71#55, Appaloosa News 2-70:103

Little Navajo Zip Little Navajo Zip

Little Navajo Zip stallion
(Little Navajo Joe 30022 x Pokey Dotts Primrose [below])
Source Appaloosa News 3-73:109

Little Red Sun Girl Little Red Sun Girl

Little Red Sun Girl mare

Me Sunspot Me Sunspot Me Sunspot

Me Sunspot
(Sunspot Revel F-1904 x Plucky Me JC 590263)
Source Appaloosa News 4-70:51,85, 5-70:9, 8-70:83, 1-73:71, Sundance NL Aug 1974

Midnight Madness Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness mare


Minta mare
(Polar Sun Reed 267128 [below] x Honey Dew Glow 215389)
Foaled 1981

Miss Barbara Bars

Miss Barbara Bars mare
Source Sundance NL 9-74

Miss Bouncy

Miss Bouncy

Miss Signus

Miss Signus mare
(--- x Black Sun [above])

Mr Big Wig

Mr Big Wig
(Wiggy Bar AQHA 788966 x Bright Delight 13600)
Source Appaloosa News 1-82:44, 3-70:88

Nava Jet Britches

Nava Jet Britches
(Navajo Britches F-2709 x Easter Surprise T-885)
Foaled 1962
Source Appaloosa News 1-76:221, 2-76:213, 12-75:129, Western Horsemen 6-65:95


(Daymon 102655 x LeBars Kanina 452404)

Oo Wow Ee Oo Wow Ee

Oo Wow Ee
(Patchy Jr F-1380 x ---)
Source Sundance NL 1-75

Owyhee's Golden Arrow

Owyhee's Golden Arrow mare

Penny Poo

Penny Poo mare

Piance Creek

Piance Creek mare
(Norell's Little Red AQHA P-998/Cooterville Norell's Little Red F-1673 x T Redd AQHA P-10004)
Appaloosa News J-A58:31

Pionee's Robbie

Pionee's Robbie

Plucky Sun Plucky Sun

Plucky Sun

Pokey Dott's Primrose

Pokey Dott's Primrose mare

Polar Sun Reed

Polar Sun Reed stallion
(Sun Flight Reed 153542 x Santee Jimmy Polecat 141523)
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:64

Pride N Joy

Pride N Joy

Prince's Bird

Prince's Bird
(Prince Plaudit 55156 x ---)
Source Appaloosa News 5-75:12/136, 10-75:50, 12-75:91/92, 2-73:15, 4-73:BC, 5-73:135, 6-73:118, 10-73:15,BC, 12-73:BC



Rainbow Rex Rainbow Rex

Rainbow Rex
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:65

Red DOg's Jag

Red Dog's Jag

Red Dog's Revel

Red Dog's Revel

Red Plaudit

Red Plaudit
(Juaquin F-801 x Wavy ID 9155)
Source Appaloosa News 2-70:61

Red Polkadott's Smoky

Red Polkadott's Smoky
(Red Polkadott Special x ---)
Foaled 1971

Revel's Ranger

Revel's Ranger

Revel's Red Back

Revel's Red Back

Roman's Straw Man

Roman's Straw Man stallion
(Hayes' Roman Cloud 61182 x My Straw ID 8101)
Foaled 1971
Source Appaloosa News 10-81:43, 5-81:168, 2-75:45173, 4-81:40, 3-81:84, 2-81:129, 1-75:100/104/198/231, 4-75:48, 6-73:108, 8-73:34,38, 9-73:47, Spotted Horse 1-78:32, 5/6-78:C/4,

Ruff Spot's Banner

Ruff Spot's Banner stallion
(Ruff['s] Spot F-1690 x Siri Girl)
Source: Appaloosa News 1-70:38, OctÕ61:24, 12-73:61

Scottish Blend

Scottish Blend

Scottish Vamp

Scottish Vamp

Simcoe's Weeping Willow

Simcoe's Weeping Willow mare
(Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634 x Charlie W. Peterson mare)

Spanish Viento

Spanish Viento
(Joker's Spanish Fort 56907 x High Wind AQHA 91296)
Foaled 1968
Source Appaloosa News 2-73:131

Spittin Image

Spittin Image
(Mighty Bright 9760 x Miss Mavis 41868)
Foaled 1966-1990
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:106, 1-75:108, 1-73:150, 3-73:138, 6-73:98, 11-73:112
Some notes: Winner/High Point 6 events: Halter, West. Pleasure Reining, Calf Roping (one of the breeds greatest) Team Roping, Steer Daubing
Grand, Reserve, Hi Pt Aged Stallion many times High Point Performance Champion. Won or placed at Denver, Nationals, Worlds, etc.
National Champion Offspring, World Champion Offspring, Bronze Medallion Offspring, National Top Ten Offspring, High Point Halter Offspring, High Point Performance Offspring, Snaffle Bit Futurity Champions, National Champion Producers, World Champion Producers, National High Point Producers

Starza's Pine

Starza's Pine
(Pine's Webb AQHA 25396 x Sheza Star 81844)
Foaled 1969
Source Appaloosa News 1-03:296

Sully SUndance Sully's Sundance Sully Sundance Sully SUndance

Sully's Sundance stallion
Source Appaloosa News 1-73:72, Sundance Newlsetter Feb 74


(Black Leopard F-1569 x Rio Rayon JC)
Source Appaloosa News 8-65:45

Sutter's Showboy

Sutter's Showboy
Source Apploosa News/Journal 2-82:159

Tai Pan Tai Pan Tai Pan aged

Tai Pan of AA stallion
(Whistle Britches F-2492 x Speckled Trout 18989)
Foaled 1966
Source Appaloosa News 1-76:219, 2-76:169, 1-75:237, 2-75:223, 3-75:157, 4-75:136, 5-75:110, 6-75:125, 7-75:115, 8-75:123, 11-75:152 12-75:114, 4-73:52, 9-73:50,90; 7-77:122, ICAA Report Spring 1999

Tea Hash Knife

Tea Hash Knife gelding
Source Western Horsemen 6-65:95

The Australia Kid

The Australia Kid stallion
(Hank's Plaudit x Colida's April)
Source Appaloosa News/Journal 1-82:192, 2-82:23&35, 10-81:35/93

The Executive

The Executive stallion
(Dial Bright Too 107308 x Dial Right Time BT 110067)
Foaled 1973
Source Spotted Horse 7-77:37, 10-78:4, Appaloosa News 2-76:58, 7-75:72, 9-75:19
Some notes: ApHC Hall of Fame, Bronze Superior Sire Production Plaque, Bronze Production Plaque, Bronze Medallion Winner, National Champion- halter Sired: World and National Champions; 40 Bronze MWS

Three Bars Queen

Three Bars Queen
(Three Bars JC x Black Pepper Queen F-2890)
Source Appaloosa News/Journal 12-81:194

Three Suns Three Suns

Three Suns stallion
(Sunspot Revel F-1904 x Blue 67 MQHA 8833)
Source Appaloosa News 12-81:64, 12-81:207, 2-75:170 Spotted Horse 7-77:18, 11-78:27

Top Bert

Top Bert stallion
Source Appaloosa News/Journal 9-65:87, 11-65:9

Top Hat Jr

Top Hat Jr stallion
(Top Hat H T-4164 x ---)
Foaled 1969
Source Appaloosa News 6-70:106


Source Appaloosa News 1-70:8, 3-70:62, Western Horsemen 3-70:54

Wa Jo Re

Wa Jo Re stallion
(Wapiti 5445 x Joker's Miss Reed 8977)
Source: Appaloosa News 2-76:75, 5-75:53, 1-73:122,190, 10-73:6, CPAA 1-78

Wap Em Good

Wap Em Good

Wap Spot II

Wap Spot II stallion
Source Appaloosa News 8-77:148

Warren's Firedance

Warren's Firedance stallion
Note: Jo Warren, ApHCC Hall of Fame member

Warren's Hobo Jo

Warren's Hobo Jo

Waylo's Raindance

Waylo's Raindance stallion
(Sully's Raindrop 27136 x Powerlette JC5888649)
Source Appaloosa News 1-76:240, 2-76:158, 1-75:233, 2-81:224, 2-75:170/175, 5-75:109, 7-75:126, 1-73:155, 2-73:160, 4-73:133

Waylo's Valiant Pablo

Waylo's Valiant Pablo stallion
(Prince Valiant F-2215 x ---)
Source Appaloosa News 3-66:75, Western Horsemen 6-65:94

Zorro's Boy Zorro's Boy Zorro's Boy

Zorro's Boy



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